Imitate Simplicity Uthman Bin Mazh ' un

Zulaikha Fadliyah (Musyrifah Pondok Bukittinggi, businessman)

At the mosque of Medina that day, Rasulullah Shallallahu ' alaihi wasallam asked the shahabat who was in front of him.

, if you are able to change your clothes in the morning and the evening. Meals served to you, too. You can also decorate your houses like you're decorating the kabbaah

They will say, " we wish that it could happen. We want to live prosperous."

Let us see what this noble messenger is responding to. " indeed, it must have happened. On that day, your faith is better than your faith.

The readers of God: WATA ' Aalaa,

What is the truth of the APOSTLE SHALLALLAHU ' alaihi wasallam so then the beautiful words are uttered from his oral? Clothes, food, faith, what is the relationship? Let's take a look at this incident. The event played by a shahabat who loved rasulullah shallallahu ' Alaihi Wasallam and his majesty loved him.


The Light of Islam when the first fall down in secret, welcomed with no doubt by the shahabat Uthman Bin Mazh 'UN RADHIYALLAHU' anhu. He was one of the shabahat who ever hijrah to habasyah for being abused by a lot of torture by the quraysh dash that caused him and the shahabat seperjuangannya could not move freely during the day and could not sleep well at night.

To see the frenzied suffering, on the APOSTLE SHALLALLAHU ' Alaihi Wasallam and shahabat hijrah to Medina Al-Munawarrah. There they can pray in peace.

Until one day, ustman bin mazh ' un entered a mosque. Rasulullah (Shallallahu) Alaihi Wasallam and the shahabat when it was sitting in it. See the condition of Uthman Bin Mazh ' UN RADHIYALLAHU ' anhu, the hearts of Rasulullah Shallallahu ' Alaihi Wasallam touched. Some shahabat even shed his tears. What exactly did they see from the ustman bin mazh ' un until it was shed tears?

Look, ibn Mazh ' un, he was wearing rags and filled with tears filled with seams of camels.
He walks with the face of kezuhudan and the quiet steps entering the mosque. The cloth that's full of tears doesn't embarrass him in any other way. He does not want to pay any attention to any human being. Shahabat Uthman wore an invisible clothes clothing by human beings, but got the utmost attention of God: WATA ' Alaa. He says, " God is pleased with God.

Simplicity can grow the feeling of faith in the perpetrator. And what is in the heavens and the earth is a good thing. Pride only makes the life of his life not calm. It is a thing that creates peace in the life of the messenger shallallahu ' Alaihi Wasallam and the.

They will not see the life of this world.

" May Allah give you mercy, o abu saib. You left the world before you enjoyed it and before the world tricked you." the word of the APOSTLE SHALLALLAHU ' Alaihi Wasallam took his head off to eternal He kisses ibn Mazh 'un until his brow is wet by the tears of messenger shallallahu' alaihi the sacred and fragrance.

Ustman Ibn Mazh ' un, you are a paragon of simplicity. You have disgraced us because we have always rid the simplicity of honor in our best friend's eyes. If only the noble messenger saw us, what was the impression that he would say?

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