Imam Al-Qurtubi, broad knowledge and perfect cleverness Illustration of the book

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The Imam of al-Qurtubi is one of the leading salaf of Salaf. And Hadith, and Hadith.       

It's Bermazhab Sunni-Maliki. However, it's not ta ' Assub with malikinya madhhab. On the other hand, he is open in his thesis, and is an open argument.       

The full name of Imam Al-Qurtubi is Abu Abdillah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Farh Al-Ansari Al-Khazraji Al-Andalusi Al-Qurtubi. He is the one who is born in Cordova, and he has learned the Qur 'an, the Qur' an, fiqh, fiqh. Balaghah, ulumul Qur ' an, and other science.       

He traveled to the east and settled in the ashes of al-Hushaib (in south asyut, Egypt). He was one of the righteous servants. He's very zuhud against the life of the world. He is busy in the hereafter. His age is spent to provide guidance, worship, and write. Regarding the figure of al-Qurtubi, the shah-Dhahabi explains, " he is a priest who has a vast and profound knowledge. He has a number of very useful works, and shows how broad his knowledge and perfect cleverness."      

Imam Al-Qurtubi is a productive scholar of writing. His masterpiece is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. This is a great book consisting of 20 volumes.      

This is one of the greatest interpretations. Tafsir at the Qur ' an. Is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. This is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. Writers do not include stories or history, and instead, the author sets the laws of the Qur ' an, doing istimbath over a sign and to mention a variety of qira ' at, I ' Rab, nasikh, and a.      

The method of al-Qurtubi in interpreting the Qur ' an by interpretation of tahlily. That he may explain to you all aspects of the Qur ' an.      

The other works are at-Tadzkirah Fi Ahwal Al-mauta wa age al-Akhirah, at-Tidzkar Fi Afdal Al-Adzkar, Al-Asnafi Sharh Asma 'Illah Al-Him, sharh at-Taqashshi, Al-I' llambi maa Fi Din S-NASHARA MIN AL-mafashid wa al-auham wa izhhar mahasin din al-Islam, and QAM 'u AL-Harsh Ibn A-Zuhd' ah. In the book of al-Sadiq (Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-AF, Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-Muqtabar, Al-Muqtabar and al-of. ' fi sharh al-Isyrinat an-Nabawiyah.      

The Imam of al-Qurtubi died in Egypt on Monday, 9 of the of of 671 H (1273 M). His tomb was in el meniya, in the east of the Nile, in the ashes of al-Hushaib. These tombs are often parable by many people.

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