Hijab is a Woman

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - That Hijab is not just a cover of shame. But the hijab is equivalent to al furqon is the difference between the truth and the vanity.     

Hijab Muslimah with aqidah and strong akhlaq. It's not.     

Hijab Hijab is required, do not get to the big hijab, shirts, but akhlaqnya is such a muslimah hijab. The character of the pagan ignorance.      

Now it's so much trends for various social communities, the entrepreneur community, the community of nature, and much more. That makes mixed up between men and women. Even in the world's work, office, boys and women are so familiar without any difference. If you're close, shake hands, shake hands, hang around, hang out, like there's no decency and shame anymore..      

If you could be in minimalisir, why would it be so proud to make friends between men and women..      

I'm sorry, for who has a husband or wife, where is your spouse's feeling? For those who are still single, without realizing you have dropped your own honor.. Well before God is in front of people..      

There is no story, someone else will respect you, before we respect ourselves. A bunch of whores only disgust and hate. Believers, it would be too painful to see our bad luck. Can relate between women not mahrom..    

1. Relationship (seller and buyer)

2. Relationship ' Ilmi (teacher and disciple)

3. Medical Relationships (doctors and patients)     

Only enough.. Don't overdo it.. And in the corridor of religion. Doesn't violate religion.       Now there's a lot of high-school friend reunions, high school, college, etc.. that has an impact to forget manners as well as Muslims and good Our age has become more and more equal to God's rations. If our orientation doesn't return to chastity, what else do you want? Don't underestimate the sin, even if it's just talking to you, " ah... He's a good friend of mine..      

Do not repent, return our lives to God's religion, and to the world and the hereafter.       

This advice is for me personally!! As well as anyone who misses heaven. May God make us all the women who shalihah. Amen.

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