Hard Istiqomah

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Recent phenomena, for the actions of a public figure that off hijabnya Makes me think to write about this Basically every man does not miss mistakes     

And in the process of self-improvement will find future phase-phase     

Because the human faith is going down.     

It will not always be above, it can also be so drastically below, it all depends on the strength of strength and also our struggle in   

In 'Rina Nose'.     

When he decides to take off the hijab he has his reasons, because he's a public figure of course his words will be much heard, watched     

While the reasons made according to me is less appropriate like he says "I see from different angles of different beliefs"     

Again, as a believer of Islam, surely we have to believe what we believe is not to look at the angle of someone else's     

While Islam obliges a woman to berhijab and it clearly commands like his word in alqur ' an O Prophet, say to your wives and daughters and the women of the believers, who are their friends “    

O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters and the wives of your people, " let them out of their cloaks." So in this case it should be true, if hijab is a duty that God has set. And whoever believes in his religion, he should also believe in his command. Then, as for those who come to the right way, it is because of what they do.      

While the word of God is clear, but logic or logic is limited and very possibly wrong.      

I think in this case we need to straighten out that the mandatory will remain mandatory and will not be killed just because of two people rejected it.      

If it has not been able to obey or have to deny the rules of God, then do not be reasoned and search for     

• Then how do we take it When we see our brother who may be bermaksiat. Or haven't berhijab or not either or even releasing hijabnya Don't act as a judge for a lot of them, even to put out the dirty words.     

A Muslim mirror is a loving man Who became advisor when he did dishonour.   

Who can't see his brother lapsed in sin.    

Then don't try to be a judge for harm's sake.    

Look at him with grace, pray him in prayer      

If you truly care, then it is not blasphemy or the insult is cast What if he's our rame, he will return berhijab? Not necessarily The guided     

Hug Him, advice, and pray We never know how hard he fights. And how someone's inner turbulence Istiqomah is hard and heavy It takes a long process to ask every day     

May we all be in the shade of mercy Stay in kindness until the end of life To Rina a nose, this handwriting is just to straighten it out. That the word of Allah is not paired with a limited and false man.      

Because his word must be true while we're not necessarily true May Allah have been guided. Until returning to the right track Remain strong and strong hope the test does not cause us to stay away from God      

Don't be too sick and ruined Because the point of the point is an easy provocation to destroying someone's faith      

Stay good and return to the good track      
The is not all good But the good will not refuse the rule of gods ️ .

Who love you - your Muslim sisters 

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