Hajj, Umrah & Jihad

For every Muslim, the hajj worship is special. Hajj can be said to be the "spiritual peak" a Muslim. In the first place of the house, the ka ' bah, most of the Muslims, that they believe in God.

Is not strange, even if the hajj is only once in a lifetime, yearning to go back to the holy land, often to perch in the heart of every Muslim. Or Umrah

Therefore, for those who have more financial power, he will do the hajj and the hajj.

For some, Hajj is also a sort of social identity in society. At least, in this country, the haj is still considered important and special. In some areas in the homeland, the hajj became a symbol of ' someone's social status. It's not strange that some people feel proud and honored to be called Mr. Haji ' or miss haircut.

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Sepantasnyalah every Muslim longs to be able to do pilgrimage. Because, as the word of his prophet saw, " who did the prayer of the hajj and he did not do sensual and ungodliness in it, he had come out of his sins like the day when his mother gave birth to him." Hr Al-Bukhari).

Accordingly, every muslim haj, Umrah miss for Hajj. And the people of your Lord, who are the people of God.

Who is the hajj mabrur? The scholars say, " Hadji Mabrur is a man who has not been bermaksiat to Allah as he is in the in." , Bahr Al-circumstances, II / 263).

Al-Nawawi said, among the signs of hajj mabrur is back from the hajj in the state of being better and not used to bermaksiat to ALLAH SWT (as-Suyuti, hasyiyah as al-NASA AL-NASA ' I, IV / 98).

That is interesting, in some history, preferences preferences preferences with the glory of Jihad. His majesty saw., for example, he said, " the ambassadors of Allah have three: the people who are engaged in the war, the people of the hajj and the people."

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He has been asked, " what is the most important thing?" he replied, " faith in God."
" then what else."
" fi jihad."
" then what else?"
" Haji Mabrur." (hr al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Two Hadith above pairing the hajj prayer preferences with the glory of Jihad. The First Hadith of those who go to Jihad, and those who go on the right side. As the second hadith is to put jihad in the first place before the hajj.

The question is: if the primacy of the jihad is equal even higher than the hajj worship, why most Muslims are only interested in hajj worship and tend not to be too In the hajj prayer most of the Muslims are so eager to provide it, why the same enthusiasm is not widely found among them related to jihad jihad? If the hajj worship becomes one of the great ideals " in the lives of most Muslim individuals,

Why is jihad and being a mujahid doesn't make a big ambition most of them? If the hajj is so easy that Muslims sacrifice wealth, why don't many of them do the same for the benefit of the jihad jihad?

Right, in this country jihad in the meaning of war does not apply, because Indonesia is not a war zone. However, there is a practice which is equal to Jihad, even as the ultimate Jihad. The Messenger of God. Said, " the most important jihad is to reveal the truth in the presence of the wicked ruler." (hr at-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood).

Read also the Prophet's restlessness
He said, " the chieftains of the people of the house, and who stood in the presence of the unjust, and he advised him, and he killed him." Tabarani.

For the sake of the Lord of the unjust.

Unfortunately, there are not many people who miss these noble activities, let alone make it "great ideals" of his life. Even the scholars, the real ones have a great opportunity for it, nor is there much to provide. Then, when many wrong-doers stood in front of them, and said, " do not judge with the laws of God Indeed, most of them do not speak.

What about us? Hopefully we can achieve these two priorities: the pilgrimage and the jihad jihad. - Amen.
Wa mâ tawfîqî illâ billâh wa ’alayhi tawakkaltu wa ilayhi unîb. [Arief B. Iskandar]

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