Get your head straight! Confront the challenge

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - There's no reason to complain. If you're in trouble, that's because you haven't found a way to do what you're doing. If you're feeling heavy, it's not getting used to it. If you live with it, with one difficulty, there must be ease. Every single difficulty, there are many eases._       

The weight of the task is often not from the number of tasks we have to solve, nor the complexity of the matter we have to resolve. But it is very related to the seriousness of our hearts, the spirit to endure it and do not feel weak. Look at the mountain climbers that want to conquer some hard and inhospitable routes, are they complaining even though his hands are bleeding to the top? Nothing. . Why? Because they're excited. They also feel that what he does is very valuable. So do your jobs! What do you want to accomplish with your journey from home and spend time in school? If there is no strong purpose, the study of learning will be very heavy. But if you have a very large purpose, obviously and you feel it is very valuable, then the time at school is full of meaning; the time at the 'MA' limit is a meaningful time.       

If in your chest there is a passionate spirit, living the weight will feel good. It doesn't hurt when people hurt his hands while trying to climb a cliff, but the magnitude of it makes the pain We're enjoying the hard work. Hands may sting for a while, but we feel happiness, find the pleasures of the struggle. While it's new for something simple.       

Among the most effective life experience for me is the time when it has to walk 6 kilometers without an electrical description, twice in a week. For What? Learn English. I took an English course at night. His way is sometimes a friend or a passing man, but he walks home often. If the moon is full, the streets are pretty bright. But if the light of the moon does not appear, darkness is all six miles of foot, sometimes accompanied by cold water. It's perfect when it rains, while the coat doesn't exist. But is this a pain? . No. This is what is more fervent.      

Tired? Yeah. But tired of making it easier to subside with a short break. Lo! The rest of our time is very, very good. It doesn't take long. It's different when we're just lounging. The rest of the day doesn't get tired, it makes us heavy to move.    

Our duty is to strive hard. Not just what we loved. We're sweating sweat and getting rid of lazy. If there is a challenge of jabal uhud or even greater, we do not feel heavy and tremble by the magnitude of it. Our duty is to strive for it, to ask for help only to Allah tabaraka wa ta ' ala, improve our ways and do not let ourselves be busy wondering about what has happened because this is the entrance of Satan. Mourn the past, in case it will make us weak and desperate. When our job is to strive, as much as possible, as strong as we can do. And as for the result, it is the power of God. There seems to be no success, but if you really do it for seeking pleasure God ta 'ala, do not ebb away because of despair, then your effort will be worth very high in the sight of Allah tabaraka wa ta' ala. Remember when rasulullah _ SHALLALLAHU ' alaihi wa sallam _ said:       

The believer is good, and I love to God who is the weak believer, and in all the best, make sure that you do not be able to do anything. But say God's fate and what he wants, if you open the devil's work       

A believer is better and more merciful than a believer, and each is in good works., seek help from God, and do not be weak. If you do something, do not say, "if I do so, I will say," God has decreed it Indeed, if it opens the door of satan." Ahmad, Muslims, and others).* What lesson can we take? Be mean.  

* HIRSH *  

It's on our chest. Full of passion we do for whatever business is useful. Not just what we like. Indeed, we are busy with what we do.       

Then seek Allah's help, and to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. We seek help for our business. We hope for what we do. We seek the help of God, so that we may be saved from his arrogance. Is there anyone who is arrogant to God? And those who do not wish to pray.       

We're going to stay away from what's past. This is a reprehensible supposition. But as for the supposition of that we have met, for example in the word of the prophet, alaihi wa. There is no such thing as if we do so. If we find trouble, indeed with one difficulty there is a variety of facilities. Only by facing the difficulties, sure, then we will find various facilities. But avoiding it will make the trouble more stacked, so when someone else our age has taken it easy, we're still in trouble or even harder to do.                

Therefore, there is no other choice but to be used in things that will benefit you. This will bring you kindness and cherish you.       

Indeed, the best of guidance is the guidance of the messenger.     

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of it! Put it away right now

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