Generation is not a Disease

God does not change a nation until they change what is in their own selves. AR-RA ' du: 11)

School or college as a place of youth education education, is also an important role in preparing for superior and educated individuals. Not only in academic fields, but also in character bulding and skill management. Until school or college can run two functions in transfer of science and mentransform character in his protege. One of the nation's elements is the source of the power of the country is a young generation, so the greatness of a nation can be characterized A generation born by a country with a superior personality in the context of understanding his existence as a creature of God with the duty of the tree to run the worship of his life, will create a generation

A quality generation is a generation of hope of a nation that ditangannyalah a brilliant future can be realized. Young students is a younger generation of real change, but it doesn't seem to be fully aware of them. The quality that we all hope of course is not just the study of oriented or intelligent in academic fields, and on the other side they lack the sensitivity and care of the environment or conditions, especially in the current conditions where the liberal culture (freedom) and diseased has become The value in the life of youth, or a few of the few who have to scrape the faith, ketaqwaan them to be susceptible to generation.

Youth is the tip of a spear in the positive direction of this country. In the hands of the pemudalah medley of leadership in the future of terayun. Unfortunately, there are many students who have not yet realized the importance of their role as a change agent The productivity of a liberal culture that has corrupted the personal youth through the media, resulting in their productivity of their productivity in building a superior character

Religion as the foundation of a person, this moment is increasingly obscured. A religious lesson from educational institutions is sometimes known as the science of "Theory" without implementation in life. So that a variety of teenage problems relating to bad behavior is inevitable, because religion is no longer as a filter.

The fact of the adolescent portraits has given a real picture of how they are still "Foreign" with their own religion (Islam) and more familiar with western culture as a life stlye. Where, in this life, the function of religion is as a guide to the believers. But if they had lived away from their religion, they would surely have sought guidance from their religion. This is what is supposed to bring up worry about future leaders. Because, the success or decline of a nation even the world is defined by the quality of his generation, and the quality of future generations is determined by In this context, creating a brilliant and quality generation of personalities, intelligent, creative and accomplishment is a necessity that requires roles and cooperation from the family, school, community and country.

In Islam, a young man has a great role in the order of Islamic dawah. See how the Prophet's best friend is in the development of dawah time. The best friends are from young people. The movement of the messenger of the messenger of God is supported by a remarkable young man. Say Ali Ibn Abi Talib, mush s'ab ibn' Umair, Aisha Vdan is much more, whose role is not a little, until Islam finds kejaaannya. The important question is is there any young man in the present? Especially if witnessing the facts and the phenomenon has been worse than the day of youth. From Drug trouble, brawls, free sex, et cetera.

Of course, without denying the problems surrounding the young people, which has become increasingly complex, we can answer the question above, with the answer there is still a young man sekualitas ". why should we be so Because, the potential of young youth, present or future is the same. "the boy is special", a lot of potential and excess of the other age. At least teens have advantages in things: time, physical, energy, age and energetic. When the potential of youth is ignored and is only spent in vain activity even for the deeds, then that is where it is wrong. Youth as a generation successor has to change and make changes by maximizing the potential they have by becoming a great generation. Not a generation of pembebek, let alone the poor generation, it was supposed to be a young generation directed for more to review Islam and obedience to Islam in totality, then became the main player who also made a difference with the

Then we need to realize that the future of Islam rests on the shoulders of the youth. They are in control of the Islamic Ark. Wherever they will, then there is the ark. Wherever they will, then there is the ark. From here we can take the conclusion that the resurrection of Islam in the future is manifested by a young man. If this prerequisite fails to be implanted in the soul of youth, the resurrection of the Islamic resurrection will never ring again. Proclaim his greatness.[Nura Inqilaby]

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