Friendship letter from Meiji Emperor (明治天皇) to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, sent in 10 May 1888

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Many historical documents show that the Emperor of Japan was asking Sultan Abdul Hamid II to send Islamic scholars to Japan, to teach people of Japan about Islam. This is translation of a letter from Emperor Meiji to Sultan Abdulhamid:

"Each one of us is an Oriental king, and it is in our interest and the interest of our people to get acquainted, to establish friendly relations, and to promote cooperation vis-a-vis the Western states and peoples, who view as as one and the same. I see the Western people send missionaries to our country, evangelizing their religion because of the religious freedom we have. I see that you do not do the same. I would like you to send us preachers to evangelize for your religion (Islam), who can serve as an implicit moral link between you and us."

The Ottoman Empire and Japan were the only two independent countries in Asia, before 1900. They decided to establish friendly relations between them, and consequently they started to exchange visits. Muhammad Ali, one of Sultan Abdul Hamid’s envoys, visited Japan in 1902 with the intention of building a Masjid in Yokohama.

Islam in Japan 日本でのイスラム

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