Forgiveness, one way to defend and protect yourself from destruction

When we face the situation is uncomfortable or even threatening in life, such as stress, anxious, fear, phobia, a traumatic experience, etc. Then we will develop a automated mechanism to protect and defend ourselves. In Psychology, this condition is known as defense defense.

The negative emotions are allowed and even nurtured for life, for example; the anxiety and fear of a situation, angry at the object that is considered threatening, grief for loss, which is left for a long time, a long time will be nourished by health, both mentally and Physical. Such as a disease, such as it is, like, abdominal pain, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.

George Eman Valiant, a psychiatrist, says, there are 46 types of defense mechanism divided into 4 levels of classification, pathologically, immature, neurotic and mature.

- mature defense. - mature has 19 forms. Commonly found in mature and healthy adults even in the journey of his life, he had had a difficult time.

These people, learn and adapt years with a difficult situation, so that it can function well in society. The use of this self-defense mechanism increases the satisfaction and feelings of control. It also helps to integrate emotions and thoughts that are left behind to keep it effective. Those who use this way are commonly known as a good and virtuous man.

Forgiveness or forgiveness is one form of mature / adult self-defense mechanisms, which is marked by stopping or loss of hate or anger against objects that are seen " attack," and disagree, so that the person is recovering from suffering because of anger / hate and Positive emotions formed.

It's not easy for everyone to be able to forgive others, especially when he sees himself as the "victim" that makes him feel weak and helpless.

It takes time and effort to learn some of the if techniques. A healthy and happy goal, usually gives huge energy and effective enough to drive the effort.

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