Fasting in the month of rajab, is it?

The scholars differ about the fast of Sunnah in the sacred months (Zulqa, zulhijjah, muharram, and rajab) in three versions. First, according to malikiyah and shafi ' yeah, night fasting on the entire sacred month. Secondly, scholars scholars only mensunnahkan the fast of the month of muharram, based on the word of the prophet saw," the most important prayer after prayer is for women, is the most important fasting after Ramadan fasting is the fasting month of muharram." Third, hanafiyah scholars argued in part of the sacred months only three days on each illegal month, which is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Wahbah Zuhaili, al fiqh al islami wa adillatuhu, 2/590; Abdurrahman Jaziri, al fiqh of al madzahib al arba 'ah, 1/378; AL MAUSU' ah al fiqhiyah al kuwaitiyah, 28/81; Yusuf Qaradhawi, fiqh Shiyam, hlm. 125 & 141).

According to the author, who rajih / strong is the first opinion that mensunnahkan fasting at all illegal month, based on common evidence that is in this matter. (Imam Nawawi, AL MAJMU ' syarah al muhadzdzab, 6/386; Imam Shawkani, nailul authar, PP. 880; Mahmud Abdul Lathif Uwaidhah, Al Jami ' Li Ahkam as shiyam, hlm. 152). Covenant Hadith of abu mujibah al bahiliyah ra, from his father or his uncle,"I came to the prophet and said," O God, I am a man who has come to you in the first year of the hijrah]. Prophet saw," then why is your body so skinny?" he answered," I do not eat during the day, I only eat at night." the prophet saw asking," who told you to torture yourself?" me (Muhammad saw) said, " this is what I believe in the month of Ramadan, and one day after ramadan." Now, this is what I have to say to you, so that you may say, " this is why I have no faith." Haram." (Hr Ibn Majah No 1741; Abu Dawood No 2428, Ahmad No 20589). Imam shawkani explain," in this hadith there is a sign of pensyariatan fast in illegal months." (Imam shawkani , nailul authar, hlm. 881).

Some scholars like nasiruddin al albani in DHA ' if abu dawudmenganggap is weak at the top, because there is uncertainty whose name is hadith of the hadith of al bahilah. But the imam shawkani strengthened the Hadith, with the opinion of imam mundziri who declared the dispute of such a shahabat. (Imam Shawkani, nailul authar, hlm. 881; wablul ghamam ala ala ' al public, 1/514).

And those who have prescribed for you the fast of the month of the hereafter, it will be said to them, " I have no power to Imam Shawkani Apes of ibn subki, from Muhammad ibn manshur as Sam ' ani said," there is no evidence of the fast of the month of rajab. Hadith which is so in this matter is is (very weak) that does not excite the clergy." (Imam Shawkani, nailul authar, PP. 881).

He said, " there is no sign for you in the month of rajab, but a sign of the sacred months is not feasible. So that it is not for you to fast for a month. Three fingers and then decipher it." (hr Abu Dawood, no 2428). (Imam Shawkani, nailul authar, PP. Proclaim his magnificence.

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