Empowering, not Dropping

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the great family, your husband has an obligation to empower each other. In the way of God, as he has commanded them, so that you may be mindful of God. (Q). S 3:102).       

Family as an entity of happiness must empower its inhabitants, not cramping its potential. The Empowerment of his wife. The wife empowers her husband. Then a compact wife empowers their children.       

In fact, there is a husband or wife after marriage even more of the quality of the quality. It's a lot, but one of them is because couples don't help the empowerment of husbands or wives There's a husband, like getting nervous after marriage, doesn't want to hang out with the Having seen it because the husband likes to deride his wife. Or otherwise, his wife was less than his intellect. When he was an activist of a brilliant man.        

There is also a wife who decreases the quality not because it is not supported by his partner, but because he didn't want to develop himself because it was stuck with a family routine with all Stuck with a family's comfort zone and forgot to develop itself to be more useful for society and Allah swt.      

Family Type-type       

Empowerment that needs to be done in the most unknown family of four elements: Spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. There is a poor family in spiritual. For example, his father does not pray or his son does not read the Qur ' an. This is the cemetery of the grave. Just like the word of the prophet, " take your home as a place of worship, do not make it a grave Al Bukhari no. 432, 1187, Muslim no. (Prophet Muhammad saw) not to make a house like a graveyard because of the inhabitants of prayer. There is also an intellectually dry house, although maybe spiritual, emotional and a well-being. It's a television type. The family is fun watching television or children playing games, so his brain is not critical and just trailing western culture. His opponent is a family family, a family that reads books, learning and reading, so that they are critical and intelligent mensikapi the materialistic lifestyle and do not follow western culture.        

Then there was also an emotional family type, a terminal family. Just like a bus station, where the bus just stopped by the terminal to rest for a while. Family type family is a family that has made a house just a resting place without a deep interaction from its inhabitants. Family members are not familiar with one another for being busy alone. Houses such as the cost of the foreigners. The emotional rate of family member is also low. Besides not familiar with each other, their emotions are also fragile of liver disease. Likes to be angry, cursing, cursing each other, less patient, often upset, and many other bad feelings. The last one is the family type of hospital because of the weak occupants of the physical quality. Houses Don't pay attention to physical health. I don't know because the house is gross or because the inmates lack nourishing food or sports, so the inmates are often sickly.        

These four types of family -- family families, Television families, terminal families and hospital families -- is not ideal in Islam. An Islamic family is a balanced family in empowerment of four things, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. This is the family of Muhammad saw, so he proudly calls his family as baiti. This is the family of heaven, happy family, or the sakinah family, where the inmates are powerless in four things, the good spiritual, the high, strong and healthy physical body.        

What is interesting, it turns out the family of heaven has no direct relationship with the family's wealth. The Messenger of God said to his family, " the family of paradise The house of the messenger (Muhammad saw). The floor is made of the land, the bed of the prophet is made of dry straw. The Prophet's house is too narrow. Be told, if the messenger of the vigil of the night, it will be in the house of Aisha. If we go to the tomb of the messenger in the mosque of medicine, who once was his home with Aisha, then we would be more able to understand. No more than a 8 X4. In a house that kind of noble prophet is proud to mention his home is heaven. Compare, with modern snobs now, even the rich ones. Dare to say his family is in heaven? May be the opposite, quietly say in the heart that my family is my hell. Because The residents are far away from the spiritual values. His intellectual quality is less islami. Her emotional or physical is not healthy, so it is difficult to be happy and inner-born in the house.       

Therefore, the family of heaven is a balanced family in spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. The same family is also known as the family of qurrota a 'yun as it is called the Qur' an in Surah Al Furqon Verse 74: "and the people who say:" our Lord, bestow on us our wives and our descendants For us, and make us a leader for the God-fearing. '         Verse 74 al furqon this is not just a prayer that should often read every Muslim family or those who want to find a match to obtain a good match, but this verse also contains the vision and mission of the Islamic family. According to verse 74 Surah Al Furqon, the Islamic family vision is to make all members of the family as qurrota a ' Yun (the pleasing eye and outward). In other words, to be a happy family of spiritual spirituality, intellectual, emotional and physical. We have been sent to the people of the Muslims. Not even any leader, but the leader of the righteous people.                Imagine... There's a group of pious people and the lead is our family! Is not an order of God so that we empower our family extraordinary? Not playing, but seriously empower the family to the peak of ketaqwaannya?        

Ironically, the moment we witnessed the infidel, the Jews and the Christians, who seriously empower his family. The Jews have been taught since childhood that they were oppressed people and had to rise if they did not want to be extinct from the face That is why the Jews, although there are no more than 6 million people around the world, can rule over the world and the Islamic world because of great quality. Christians are also taught to believe in themselves and strong in their schools, so that there is a minority in Indonesia, but they are able to play significantly in the world of politics and economy.       

Hopefully with the description above making us more motivated to empower our family, so to be a great family instead of taking each other's potential for each of our families. God... make our families a family for the pious. Waj ' Alna Lil it imama.

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