Dutch Indian Muslim response to the collapse of caliphate

On March 3th 1924 Caliphate the ottomans was torn down by the stooge of England's Conquistador Mustafa Pasha Attaturk _ laknatullah!_ a day later in the Dutch Dutch East Indies (NOW INDONESIA). Intervals, similar stories in Malay Origin. News and response from Indonesia can arrive immediately, although transportation technology and information are not advanced at this time.
Not wasting a chance, Syarif Hussein an former Makkah (ex of Makkah) immediately declared himself as a Caliph. , of course, getting a hard refusal from the Islamic world because when the ottomans still stood still, he _ bughat _, released the hejaz (Mecca, Medina and its surroundings) from the night of
The Muslims in Indonesia also held the Congress of al-Islam ii held at 19-21 may 1924. in the opening speech of Congress, kh agus salim insists, the Congress of this al-Islam needs to find a solution for problem For Agus Salim the existence of a free Islamic government is an important thing.

Committee Caliphate 

Shoots, ulam's. About Mid-1924, some Islamic figure in surabaya received an invitation letter from the clergy of Al Azhar Egypt for Congress caliphate in March 1925. Letters also contained seventeen points of explanation concerning the confusion post caliphate turkey.

" in a great line there are two things emphasized. One is a matter of caliphate is part of the law and compulsory to be upheld," reveal historian Septian AW to _ media _, Monday (18/9/2017).
Then at 4 and October 5th, the Muslims had a meeting at the madrassa tarbiatoel aitam, roofing, surabaya to discuss it. Attended by sarekat Islam, muhammadiyah, Al-Irsyad, at-Tadibiyah, tasfirul afkar, TA ' mrul masyajid, etc.

The Islamic figure (SI) Oemar said tjokroaminoto in his speech tells about the need of Muslims having a Caliph and need the active role of Muslims in Indonesia for the benefit of caliphate.
But the forum seems to be lacking in fear that Egypt thinks nusantara is just like flies. Then Haji Fakhruddin, a muhammadiyah figure, giving confidence to Muslims of Indonesia. If it's true that the Egyptians look down on the indonesians as flies, let them know what these flies look like. He insists, Islam does not make a difference of race, the indonesians do not fall from the Egyptians.
Then tjokroaminoto recalls the forum the importance of Congress in Egypt. " has never been in a history held in the world Islamic Congress, this congress will be the first. Because it becomes an obligation of Muslims then the messenger needs to be sent to Cairo. There are many indonesians who say to be a messenger and will not be insulted," strictly.
Forum agrees. So Fakhruddin proposes to establish the Caliphate Committee (comite chilafat). Chosen Wondo as as chairman of the committee and the kh abdul wahab translator [Yang in 1926 established nahdlatul ulama] as his deputy.
This committee is tasked to establish a delegation and a mandate, as well as the delegates. And also broadcast this movement to the Dutch East Indies.
Then there appears to be branch committee in various areas like: Yogyakarta, Tripe, cirebon, pasuruan, menes, buitenzorg, jampangkulon, cianjur, banjarmasin and more.
Then on December 25-27th 1924 Digelarlah Congress Al-Islam is incredible in surabaya. Attended by the emissary and representative of the 68 organizations at the time: Muhamadiyah and its branches; Sarekat Islam and the local; Al-Irsjad and its branches. And various sub-comite chilafaat. Local organizations are also present like: Watonniyah, Attahdibiyah, khoerriyah, tarbiatul aitam, taswirul afkar, TA ' mirul masajid.
In The Congress that lasted three days with three deals. _ first _, a mandatory law is involved in caliphate struggle. _ second _, will continue to be established committee caliphate throughout Indonesia. _ third _, will send three emissaries as the representative of Islam in Indonesia to Cairo Congress with six particulars of the mandate. The three of them are surjopranoto from the sarekat of Islam, hajj fachruddin from muhammadiyah and kh abdul wahab Gareth.
But with a variety of pressure and intrigue of the invaders, on the day of the day it turns out Congressman Caliphate in Egypt is deferred --- and until this day Dutch East Indies is sad.
* and from the struggle *
The beginning of 1925 Ibn Saud (one day founded the third Saudi Arabian Empire) managed to defeat syarif hussein and over Mecca. Ibn Saud has invited all of the Muslim scholars to attend Congress Congress.
" of course it makes the Muslims happy, because hope has a new Caliph will soon be done," beber septian.

Then Digelarlah Al Islam IV. But very unfortunate in Congress there was friction when discussing the school of the upright of saud. Tarbiatul Aitam, taswirul afkar and ta 'mirul masajid feel the school in Mecca is very intolerant with the difference of branch problems ( _ FURU' yes _).
Friction is heating up on the three of those organizations from Congress then form the hejaz committee to discuss the matter of the madhhab in Mecca. January 1926 the hejaz committee turned to nahdhatul scholars.

Ahead of Mecca, digelarlah Islamic Congress of Islam v. Congress is not present. The enthusiasm of ibn saud is getting higher. Congress has decided to send tjokroaminoto (SI) and kh mas mansur.
However ironic, in Mecca, ibn saud refuses to be firm when the messengers are ready to become a Caliph. "Ibn Saud is more stressed on the subject of" heresy _, and superstition and very of the Muslims who have a difference in the manner of worship which is a branch.

Instead of bringing news to unity and unity of the Muslims with the election of a Caliph, the delegation came home by bringing the spirit of 'split' with a difference in the matter of the
Since then, there is no more opinion in the public room will be obligated to uphold the caliphate. Until in 2000 Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) managed to raise 5000 Muslims from various organizations to follow the international caliphate conference in istora senayan Jakarta.

The awareness of the our in the shadow of caliphate continues to roll like a snow globe. In order to hold him, at 2017 Jokowi's regime criminalize this noble struggle by revoking the SK group of hti and and use. And threatens to punish 5-20 years for members and sympathizers trying to use your rain.[]

Source: the tabloid of the 204th edition of the world.
2-15 Muharram 1439 H / 22 September-5 October 2017

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