Difference between babies and toddlers with infants and toddlers

by : Yeti Widiati

Babies and toddler women are more sensitive to emotional expressions. Therefore he was happy to see the face. His behavior is influenced by his mother's facial expression. If his mother frowned, he knew his mother was less like it. While his mother was smiling he knew his mother liked and agreed. This trend is because the girls were affected by an x-2 chromosome. Hence the development of the child's emotions in general is faster than a boy.

While the baby and toddler men are not too sensitive to emotional expression compared to women. He doesn't really like seeing people's faces and less sensitive to facial expressions. An X chromosome that affects 1 pieces. To make a boy understand, not enough with facial expressions, but need to speak and also act.

Implications for education:
Make a clear facial expression to our children, especially positive expression of emotion. Like smiling, laughing, optimistic, excited etc. Be careful with negative face expressions or even face without expression, because it's easy to be captured by girls. Therefore the girl whose mother is angry, saddest, anxious or using Botox is likely to experience problems in anger management.
Any language must be used. So the kids don't misunderstand. But the language needs to be congruent with his emotional expression. When the parents say "the mother is happy" but a sad face, then the child will be confused.

Girls whose parents are poor emotional expressions, tend to try to attract parent s' attention. This behavior can be carried into adulthood, so that he tries to attract others in excess.
While for a boy, aside from expression of emotion, then language and action is also needed. The action could be a touch, holding hands, patting, etc. Kerentanannya is when parents can't wait and feel need to use a stronger way, like a hit or a hard hand. This sort of pattern also teaches the boy to do the same when interacting with others. In addition, the language of any boy is relatively slower than a girl. Therefore the propensity for physical language is more prominent on boys than women.
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