Deserves to be Scared

Young people are dangerous. The terrorists are present. The new cells are emerging. Her sources. Central Mosque. Especially schools and colleges. Their group needs to be monitored and watched.

Take a look at the phases of dribble but for sure. The results are very visible. The parents were worried so seeing his son turned out to be good. A Mother was frightened when she saw her child vacation from boarders, for seeing her daughter's clothes was very neat to cover your nakedness. " is my son possessed of radical thinking?"

These bad and evil effects possess the brain and the hearts of parents without realizing it. And strangely, the parents are more comfortable seeing their children hanging out without limits. That is considered reasonable. They're happy to see his son spend some time preoccupied, because he's in puberty. Strange...

And finally the parents without realizing it 'a dream', " be careful if ngaji in the mosque." the complicated young children sort of study, finally decided to sit in a cafe, hang out in the streets, even places of sin . And they were far away from the mosque.

It's amazing not... an evil plan separates a young generation from the mosque. Because they're conscious, but we're not aware. They know, but we don't know. They read their history, we don't. That the resurrection of the Muslims began from the resurrection of his youth.

Listen to Imam Ibn Kathir in tafsirnya when explaining the word: Refuge (Youth), in Surat Al-the,

"... for that is the most welcome of God and his messenger. And the elders, most of them persist in their religion.

For more explanation, let's read dr. Mahmud Muhammad ', lecturer of al-Azhar University. He writes their age-in-law of Islam in the secret of the prophet of the Prophet (Throughout 3 years), in his book is worried wa taammulat dominates sirotin nabawiyyah, 125-129. He took it from from AL WA ' yu al islamy, Edition 77. Needs to be remembered at the beginning, if there's a difference about the age in the siroh books is a reasonable thing. Here is what it is from the book:
1. Ali Ibn Abi Talib 8 years
2. Zubair Bin Awwam 8 years
3. Thalhah Bin Ubaidillah 12 years
4. Arqam ibn abil arqam
5. Abdullah ibn ma ' UD by 15 years
6. Said Ibn Zaid is not 20 years old
7. Saad bin abi waqqash 17 years
8. MA 'Ud Ibn Rabi' ah 17 years
9. Ja ' far ibn Abi Talib 18 years
10. Shuhaib Ar Rumi not yet 20 years
11. Zaid Binharitsah by 20 years
12. Uthman Bin Affan about 20 years
13. Thulaib Ibn ' Umair for 20 years
14. Khabbab Bin Art about 20 years
15. Amir Bin Fuhairoh 23 years
16. Mu s'ab ibn' Umair
17. Miqdad Ibn Aswad 24 years
18. Abdullah Ibn Jahsh 25 year
19. Umar bin Khattab 26 years
20. Abu Ubaidah Ibn Jarrah 27 years
21. Utbah Bin Ghazwan 27 year
22. Abu Hudhaifah Ibn Utbah in about 30 years
23. Bilal Ibn Rabah about 30 years
24. Khalid bin said about 30 years
25. Amr bin said about 30 years
26. Ayyasy Bin Abi Rabi ' ah about 30 years
27. Amir Ibn Rabi ' ah about 30 years
28. NU ' Aim Ibn Abdillah around 30 years
29. Uthman bin madz ' un about 30 years
30. Abdullah bin madz ' UN 17 years
31. Qudama bin madz ' UN 19 years
32. Saib bin madz ' un about 10 years
33. Abu of bin Abdul Asad in about 30 years
34. Abdurahman bin auf around 30 years
35. Ammar Ibn Yasir
36. Abu Bakar 37 years
37. Hamza Abdul Muthalib 42 years old
38. Ubaidah Ibn Al-Harith
39. Amir ibn abi waqqash in Islam after the 10th person's order
40. USA Sail Bin Uthman Martyrdom In War War (11 h) is still 30 years old
And this is dr. Mahmud Muhammad ' Imaroh,

Even though the quraysh had persisted in terror and intimidation against the weak, but the young men are announcing their Islam, with the consequences of waiting for them.

A series of figures above demonstrates the veracity of the sentence of ibn kathir that the greatness of Islam is more supported by young children.

In fact, the scenario separates the true view of the younger generation is not only done right now with these patterns. A variety of ways and patterns have long been done. They've slipped slowly, but there must be a variety of toxins. The Target is clear: keep young children from their good and their mosque.

Like a variety of research that tells that teenagers are the age of mischief, of, keguncangan, crises, mischief. This lesson is completely ingrained in the parents. Until, again, they believe that teenagers have to go through all that trouble. If there's a good boy and not through the chaos, the parents will say, " is my son not normal yes?"

Look at a big-Case scenario in tens of thousands of years. And they managed to poison the educators and Muslim parents.
But the youth is so positive in the language of Hadith, Hadith and the clergy. So that it takes a great effort to reverse the way of looking at it while giving medicine from the problems of our youth.

Youth is power, inspiration, creativity, explosions ruhiyah, obstinacy, freshness, energetic, great works and support of Islamic civilization.

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