Defamation of Life

Today, I am destined for God swt to meet the great and wonderful people. These people are the inspirational people. But they are mortal, with all the problems that he has created, as do I. Tell us not the the, Prophet saw. It's just a matter of trouble. In fact, the problem is heavier than ours. That's "slander" life. As long as we live, we can not avoid "slander".
Indeed Allah is the all-Mighty, the all-wise.

And safranbolu you with evil and good fitna

And we will test you with good and good as trial.
These verses say, that "slander" [test and challenge] the man in his life could be a bad thing [Syarr] and goodness [khair]. when God test us with pain, hardship, shortcomings, has not been given offspring, has yet to get a And the others that we thought were bad [Syarr], although sesesungguhnya we never knew what was behind it? But Allah will try to test us. Everything is a lie for us.

So also when God is testing us with health, ease, rizki, has a legacy, a couple of lives, family, and other people that we think is good [khair], even if it may be the test is much heavier than the ugliness [Syarr] which It has befallen us, but we often do not feel that this is all slander. In fact, we have considered the evil of that which we have considered.

Therefore, it is not uncommon among us who can be patient when it comes to an evil trial, but it is to fall upon the test.

Except in the sedition they fell and hell to the oceans.

" remember, they have fallen into temptation. And indeed, hell will be in the hands of those who deny the truth.

In Short, we cannot avoid persecution, whether we think good or bad. ' cause it's always been in our lives. What we can and we should avoid is a misleading slander], until we fall down or fall down. Therefore, sayyidina ' Ali-Karrama-Llahu Wajhah-taught us a prayer:

Oh God I seek refuge with you from umbrellas temptation

" O my Lord! I seek refuge in you from persecution."

Yes, the misguided persecution of al-Fitan. That's the slander that brought us in or down. Persecution that makes us fall and fall it may be not the ugliness [syarr], but instead, goodness [khair].

Then what makes us fall or fall in the pit of oppression? The answer is lust. When we are controlled by lust, so sense and consciousness we lose. Ibn Al-Jauzi, in his book, Dzamm Al-Eve, explained that the impulse of its lust was not forever bad, but must remain controlled by our wits and consciousness.

People fed, moved to eat, for being hungry. People, eventually go to sleep, for feeling sleepy. So as to worship God. People are married, moved to marry, because there is a love impulse and preserving the offspring of its kind. So also the desire to have wealth has encouraged people to work and collect treasures. There is nothing wrong, when it is controlled with sense and consciousness. Islam.

The thing is, do we have enough supplies to build our wits and our consciousness, so that our passions can be controlled by our lives? This is our challenge. We've often had enough, because at least once a week we've been following the study. Without seeing, is that what we've got is really enough to answer all the problems we're dealing with? In fact, the life challenges we face is more complex than the science we have.

Therefore, surely we can't feel enough with the knowledge we have. We can't stop learning either. Because, as soon as we feel enough with our science, and we will stop learning, truly without us realizing we're in the devil's trap. As a result, when we face various complex problems in our lives, we do not have adequate provisions. When it comes, we're not ready. That's when we'll fall in. We're down. If that's when we realize, maybe that's when we're just thinking about learning. Looking for solutions to the problems we're dealing with. But, sometimes things are unconscious. As a matter of fact, there is no escape from it.

Well, this is where our challenge is when we repent. Therefore, we must continue to learn, good to know the laws and minds we must apply, nor train our souls and appetites. Knowing the law and thought is easier. But, the hardest part is when we have to train our soul and passion. Talking about the concept of clarity is easier, but making our souls and our passions in order to achieve the sincerity is more difficult. Here, what we need is not just a concept, but practice [riyadhah]. so also when talking about patience, it's easier if we talk about it. However, we will never seize patience, if we never exercise patience.

In fact, everything we need is when we face a trial]. in short words, there is only one path that can save us from a misleading slander], which will lead us in a life, which is continuing to learn. And perfect. This is the example of the prophet, and it has been learn. This is what is inherited and passed away by the companions of the next generation. Then, this is what's supposed to be our tradition.
Perhaps we may inherit their legacy, and with him he will save us from misleading persecution.

Oh God I seek refuge with you from umbrellas temptation

" O my Lord! I seek refuge in you from persecution."
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