Deborah and Wellness Case

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Tiara Deborah Simanjorang has been quiet in the afterlife, week (3/9). But the tragedy of his death still holds Tanya. A 4-Month-old baby who was expected to be dealt with, and it wasn't paid for his life in the emergency room. .

It is based on the results of the ministry of health. Supposedly, Deborah had a medical service error at the hospital (hospital) family partner, kalideres, West Jakarta. Family can't pay a big advance to rp19 million for further handling at pediatric intensive care unit (trigger). .

Although in the condition of kegawat, hospitals are forbidden to use advances. In fact, the real patient has a bpjs that shouldn't have to have an advance on the cost of the Deborah's about to be referred to another hospital. During the process of searching for that reference, the doctor did. However, not immediately put to the trigger until we die. .

The hospital has finally got an administrative sanction written from kemenkes. The money that Deborah's parents paid for as much as a million. But what a cunt, it doesn't return Deborah's life. That is the fate of patients in the capitalist civilization now. There's no money, no life money. Tragic. .

Systemic victims .

Is Deborah's first victim? . No. True, Deborah-Deborah's dead. A long time ago. A long time ago. Just look in the media, we'll find a lot of similar cases. Patients died before being dealt with just a matter of payment. . Apparently, the hospital has forgotten his philosophy to serve for humanity, change his motto: serve for money. The life of a human child is important. This is the culture of capitalism where the hospital is dibisniskan. As a result, the empathy and mercy of the emergency tables are gone. .

The Medics are so menomorsatukan bureaucratic and administration for a matter of matter. To save human lives, with humanitarian urges, no more. Numb. Doctors are more afraid of hospital management than following his conscience. .

The loss of humanity is not a figment. We can compare, the same doctors that we come to, will be different attitudes and behaviors in which they practice. If the doctor practices in the state hospital, the hospitality is difficult sometimes. But when we meet him in an elite private hospital, with friendly and communicative patients to be pampered. .

Indeed, not all doctors and medical power could have been. Not every hospital is that cruel. But this thing like Deborah was systemic. It's a classic. Everybody knows, when you get to the hospital, let's not get paid. That's why there's a saying, poor people are no pain. .

Patients with cekak money, no one dare to step foot in the medics. That's why we often discover, the poor people who suddenly became the news of a severe disease like cancer, hidrocepalus, elephant legs, etc. They were found in severe condition, for never medical treatment. Don't have money. In addition, a low education caused less aware of medical medical examination. More trust nonmedis. .

Spirit of money . All this time, the state hospital is funded from people's money, not fully able to accommodate the maximum citizen s' needs. In addition to a very small amount, the service is losing quality than a private hospital. Unfortunately, this private hospital has been quite famous. .

Why? .

A private hospital was most established not by the medical force of tersebab encouragement, but by the financier to take advantage. A family partner, Deborah's family to pick up death, is also one of the second largest private hospital networks in Indonesia based on the capacity of . Companies in this medical area have gone public with the name of a family partner of the healthy of tbk. Deborah's case was made for the red zone, even then it went up again. This hospital was founded on January 3, 1995. Originally named pt calida ekaprana which then changed into the natural family partner. This hospital has a network in 11 locations, 7 in the jabodetabek, 3 in surabaya, and 1 in tegal. The land and the building of the hospital belongs to the company. .

Imagine, a health service that aims to save human lives, into a ravishing business farm. A corporation that's calculating profit. It's only fair that the paradigm feels money and money. .

Very different when the hospital was founded by the civil service. Look, how doctor albinsaid in malang, able to human patients only with garbage pay. The birth doctor of September 8th, founded the garbage insurance clinic at 2010, far from the spirit of capitalism. .

There is also a doctor ferihana (36) who opens the Muslim home and disadvantaged houses in bantul, Yogyakarta, 2012. at the clinic that patients simply pay the spend box box. He is with colleagues of the Muslim community as well as the kidul of the south and kulon progo search for sick people. .

Not only that, he built a halfway house for the widows for psychic treatment at the hijama ruqyah center. Amazingly, these bercadar women refused to donate, for worrying about the interest behind it. All the subsidized operational fees from the beauty clinic which he also founded. .

That is an example of a personal contribution in healthcare that does not advance money. Like this should be adopted anyone who wants to move in healthcare. But, it's important how a strict country policy against all health services. . Hospitals should not be banned. Please privately set up hospitals, purely for humanity. Don't corrupt the humanitarian spirit of the doctors and the medical energy that has been implanted in college with money. .


Health is the needs of every human being. Different from the capitalist secular civilization, in the past Islamic civilization, the hospital is where the patient finds the cure and the healing. Not strangling a patient with a bill. Medical workers work for humanity. To be the most rewarding man with science. Lillahi ta ' ala. Ah, lihatlat his story in that glorious history.

When is the hospital paradigm back in applied? Don't wait for thousands of Deborah to fall back in the emergency bed. Enough Deborah. Stop dying for the death of a poor patient by implementing the Islamic system.

Indeed, death is the prerogative of power. However, there is an effort to be controlled by humans. If it is done with the righteousness of righteousness, the patient will be meninggalpun in keadakan. Accept that destiny. Not dying on the executioner called the money at the hospital's hospital administration.

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