Dangerous Men

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Ever since the toddler grew up, friction between women and men will always be a slingshot that determines the face of family care.     

Often labelling delusions of reason and our hearts of sorting invisible dangers or invisible eyes.     

If the rapists, pedofili, you have to buy your son, cheating, to the antagonist of the antagonist of the antagonist of the antagonist of the antagonist of the antagonist of the other. .     

Dangerous men don't have to be tattooed or with a violent face, not always manifested in the arms or pack of cigarettes (although cigarettes are dangerous)    

Dangerous men don't always come from outside our house. Not always the third.


A dangerous man could be the father to be a role model for his children. He is automatically dangerous when merepetisi sloth and ignorance to show to his family.     

A Father's reluctance to help complete the household job, is the alert chief for the dangers of human thought. He is dangerous for forming the acceptance of a woman's enslavement. Continued feudalism, where men are boss and women are servants. The world doesn't need to be lop-sided.     

He was also dangerous, when he was made to be a king in the family. That he would want to be able to be able to be executed without being a compromise.     

That all titahnya must be obeyed without opening the discussion table. A family born of his cold hands, will only keep an unseen grudge and ready to explode at any time. He continued to think of him as dangerous in the camouflage of God pengabul. Do whatever it takes,-whatever the kids ask for the sacred mission of their lives without a filtration.      

Slogans are all possible, and all of it is a new line of death will feel when a child becomes young or mature. The next dangerous man, could be a husband that warms the territory of the mattress next to us.         It's not because of how berpotensinya they perform an act of abuse over physical or our hearts. The danger of our husband needs to be measured by how wise he is tapering his role role. Our husbands can be dangerous, when they fail to see priorities. There are men who continue to force his wife to work while the child at home is in a state of need of attention and the presence of his There are men who fail to measure, where the necessities of life and which is the lifestyle.      

His Virility, for assuming that a wife does not work, will be irreducible. These men are dangerous, because they are in the orientation of the world. Our husband can be dangerous, when they force us to be the prestige of the prestige world.       

There are men who forget to remind their wives, that evaluation and self-correction is part of being human. There are men who make mistakes, that moto vini, vidi, Vici for women should not always be in the world leader.      

Get Tersudahi, because he was unable to compensate for ambition by remembering his appreciation. That sometimes fatigue and the inability of women just require acceptance and rest in a place instead of whipping with lecutan.      

This guy is dangerous, because on his shoulders we can't find a backup when he needs a break for a moment Our husband could be the most dangerous, when he was careless keeping jealousy for us.        There are men who lose their memory and become more proud when the wife's face-to-face is all-out for the social media and out of the house. There are men who have frozen the corner of his heart, when it doesn't matter whether his wife has had a baby and feed his son today instead of attending the invitation "Social event" from day to   

His might have been eliminated, because jealousy is failing.      In his house does not give you any possessive kiss. Something that has gone missing since menjamurnya a trend of mua and social communities that appear in many positive versions and its negatives.     

Then the men in our house, where's the dangerous level?     

Whether we were able to mereinkarnasi our personality as a peaceful new soul after such years were raised in the captivity of father that weakens...     

Whether we were able to realize as an entity that had a valid and self-conscious mind of the affected husband...


From a lot of awards that will receive a man after his long-term businessman, to be an expert marketer, to be a trust engineer, or even become a famous figure.. in the end, when a family he should feel still thirsty chasing science and turning ass .      

Because Men (still) have to be leaders in the family.       

We don't need a ecosystem filled with children with the inner child, the prodigal children and get used to everything in a variety of ways, or the lost wives in the role and the toast fall back.       

Then the most dangerous man among the others, is those who deny the corrected, those who stop learning and behead religions for his sake. May the man inhabit our house, always guarded by the power to not be dangerous. [Nafila Rahmawati]

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