Covert Behavior Vs Overt Behavior

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the concept of psychology, the behavior of behavior is visible and not visible. What doesn't seem, for example is the process of thinking, imagination, sensory processing, emotional management, motivation, etc. While it seemed to be diindra, seen, heard, felt.

Assess the behavior that seems to be much easier than behavior that is not visible. And even if the behavior is a manifestation and the expression of an unknown behavior, but we cannot be rashly. A lot of behavior that looks equally driven by different motivations and intentions. As well as many different motivations are displayed in different forms of behavior.

We don't have to say, like, " Oh, that guy didn't do anything," just because he seemed quiet. Or, " Oh, he wants to be arrogant just because he dresses better than anyone around him. To lose people who have no skills, even people who have learned about the nature and behavior of human behavior are limited to a code of ethics to judge others.

Therefore it is incredible "brave" those who accuse, labelling and conclude the intent of a person is only of visible and limited behavior. Didn't take a lot of samples, didn't do cross check, didn't make a direct confirmation. Not critical to his own assumption. And there are many other things that are not done that cause his opinion to be less valid. Mention from a psychological standpoint that is only human science. Even the religion forbids prejudice. Because some of it is a sin....

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