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Ruqyah is not an alternative medication. It was supposed to be the first choice of treatment when a Muslim had a disease. As a means of healing, ruqyah must not be underestimated his existence.

Syaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah said: " surely meruqyah is a great practice. And the people of al-Khattab. The Prophet, and the prophet, and he will defend the devils from the children of Adam with what Allah and his messenger have ordered.

Because it is the importance of healing with this ruqyah, so every Muslims should know the right way, in order to do that does not stray from the way of syar ' I.

Tata way is as follows:

1. Belief that healing came only from God.

2. Ruqyah must be with the Qur ' an, Hadith or with God's name and nature, with Arabic language or language.

3. Dedicating my faith to God while reading and praying.

4. Read Surat Al Fatiha and blow a sick body member. So also read the letter of the dawn, an fateful, al ikhlash, al kafirun. And the entire Qur ' an, basically can be used for meruqyah. Indeed, your signs are better.

5. absorbed the meaning contained in the Qur ' an and a prayer that is being read.

6. People the to keep the reading of the Qur 'an and the prayers of the Qur' an. So that it may be that which is recited to you.

7. Blew on the body of a sick man in the middle of the reading reading. This problem, according to al-Sheikh utsaimin contains leniency. The way, with a soft blow without the saliva. Aisha Radhiyallahu 'anha ever asked about the blow of the prophet shallallahu' Alaihi Wasallam in meruqyah. He will say, " there will be no water in the world. When he was a madman, he said, " then i recite him to him in the morning and in the morning. Every time I finish it, I collect the water and I spit it out. He seems to be released from a bond ". [hr Abu Dawood, 4/3901 and al fathu ar rabbani, 17/184].

8. If blowing into the media that contains water or something, it doesn't matter. For the most well-blown media is olive oil. Mentioned in Hadith Malik Ibn Rabi 'ah, that rasulullah shallallahu' Alaihi Wasallam said:

Eat the oil and paint it. It's from a blessed tree.

" eat olive oil, and rub a body with him. Because he comes from a blessed plant ".[Hadith Hasan, Shahihul Jami ' (2/4498).]

9. Wiping the sick people with the right hand. It is based on Hadith of radhiyallahu s' anha, he said: " The Messenger, when confronted with someone who complained of pain, he wiped it with the right hand...". [HR Muslim, syarah an nawawi (

Al-Nawawi said: " in this hadith there is a suggestion to wipe the sick with his right hand and pray for him. In the book that I have collected in the book of al-Adzkar, and according to al-El Utsaimin said, " the actions of some people are in the hands of a person who is sick or in the hands of a person who is in the hands of There's no bottom.

10. for people who are self-righteous, put your hands in a place that dikeluhkan and say bis̊mi ạllh (Bismillah, 3 times).

I seek refuge in God and his ability from the evil of what I find and watch

"I seek refuge in Allah and his power from every evil I meet and I fear".[hr Muslim, the book of the us salam (14/189).]

In another history says "in every sweep". the prayer is repeated to seven times.
Or Read:

In the name of God, I seek refuge in God's dignity, and I can see it from my face

"I seek refuge in God's majesty and his power from every evil I've found out of my pain".[shahihul Jami ', no. 346.]

When the pain is all over the body, the way by blowing two palms and mengusapkan to the face of the sick with both.[fathul bari (21/323)]. this way is said by az zuhri is the way of the prophet shallallahu ' alaihi wasallam .

11. If the disease is in one part of the body, head, leg or hand for example, then be read at the place. Mentioned in the hadith of Muhammad ibn hathib al jumahi of his mother, Admit Bint Bint Al Jalal, he said: I came with you from habasyah. When you reached in Medina, or two nights, I wanted to cook for you, but the firewood ran out. I went out to find him. Then a jar touched my hand and rolled over your arm. Then I brought you to the prophet. I said: "I bet you with my father and my mother, O Messenger, this is Muhammad ibn hathib". he shallallahu ' alaihi wasallam spits in your mouth and rubs your head and prays He shallallahu ' Alaihi Wasallam is still spitting at both your hands while reading prayer:

Go dress the people of the people and heal you the healer can heal only your healing heal not leave living

" remove this disease, O Lord of mankind. Heal, thou art the healer. There is no cure except for your cure, medicine that does not leave the disease "[al fathu ar rabbani (17/182) and mawaridu ad he, no. 1415.] 1416.]

He will say, "I am not standing with you from his side of shallallahu ' Alaihi Wasallam, unless your hands have healed".

12. When the disease is all over the body, or its location is unclear, such as crazy, narrow chest or complaint to the eye, then how to treat it by reading ruqyah in front In a history is mentioned that nabi shallallahu ' alaihi wasallam meruqyah people who complained of pain. He said, " he hurried to take him and let him sit in front of him Then I heard him membentenginya (TA ' Fatiha) with surat al fatiha ".[al fathu ar-Rabbani (17/183).]

In Hadith-Hadith of ruqyah therapy, the disease being mentioned is an evil eye (AIN), the spread can be poison (Humah) and disease disease (Humah). But some scholars argued that there wasn't only three diseases that could be in ruqyah. Related to this issue, priest's nawawi said in syarah Sahih Muslim: " meaning, ruqyah does not mean only to be allowed in these three diseases. But it means that he was asked about three things, and he gave it to him. If asked about the others, then will allow it. Because he has made a gesture for them, and he has been meruqyah for other than three complaints." (Sahih Muslim, 14/185, the book of us greetings, chapter istihbab ar ruqyah terminal ' ain wan namlah).
Namlah is the wound that extends on the side of the body and the rest of the body.
So fleeting.

Hopefully it'll be useful.

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