Commitment and obedience, that's the password. (Comparing Japan and Indonesia)

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Human man is easy to glare at the fate of others. Sure the glare is what looks on the surface better, so there's a saying "neighbor's grass always looks more green".       

Maybe we were surprised at the reunion, meeting an old friend who has now been successful in high-school institutions in a fancy institution, but when he was at school, he wasn't very smart, likes to cheat, a lot of Then secretly we compare with the fate of ourselves that is not as lucky as that friend. Do we regret being a bitch "why I used to go to great school, a good score, even a class champion, anyway"?        

Sometimes we see a new next door for a few years of work, but the number of assetnya is more than us, his lifestyle is also more "wow". it could be that we're jealous When we get out when a neighbor suddenly disappears from home, the collector's debt has changed, then it begins to think otherwise, for whatever it is, they don't work together, his husband is high, his son is only 1, still in kindergarten. , it doesn't cost much. What do they need?       

There was once a famous artist, who had been married from the beginning, always seemed compact, intimate and harmonious. His house has been over 20 years and there's never been any gossip about both. But suddenly the wife filed for divorce, public gegerlah. Lately the wife claims it's been a long time since she tried to survive. He said, " what is the matter with the husband, when he has a good wife If you had a wife that good, why would she cheat?".       

Yeah, that's human! Often amazed at the same time "envy" and want to be in the position of other people from the surface of his condition seemed better than himself, and to regret the circumstances of yourself and feel in vain or at least nothing to do with what But he doesn't know what's behind other people's lives. We don't know the dark side. When the dark side came, then we were flabbergasted, did not believe that it would not be possible.

*** *** ***       

Maybe that's how an artist is most controversial. When he had a chance to visit Japan, he was dazzling to see the beauty of the life of the Japanese society. How can it be a Japanese society like this, when they are not religious? Well, if that's the case, it's all good. Until when he met someone, the life of bene's part of the society he admired it felt like he needed to find God and religion, he came back to ask: " if your life is as good as it is without religion, why do you still want to Oh yes, the artist wrote it when he was only 2 days to visit Japan. Means what he saw was just the surface, even ari's skin from the surface.

*** *** ***         

I happen to have a chance to live in Japan. You know, it's not just a matter of days, staying at the hotel, visiting places for tourists. Now, although it's been 12 years left Japan, but a lot of deep effects aren't missing from my memory. ' cause I'm involved in ' Seikatsu ' (daily live). Every morning is sandwiched between hundreds of men who wear suits, although neat and expensive but... (sorry), it's kind of smelly because of the smell of his body (which is generally not taking a bath before leaving for work, and last night I feel my own ribetnya on a train when rush hour morning (at 7-9 am) who jubelan its passengers beat the jabodetabek. I see thousands of people walking in the haste, without a smile, let alone say hi, with feet that move fast like a living robot, a hard-ass crammed, just to be able to get up on the train. Will come the next train. Or be forced to be upset because the train is stuck with someone who's tired of life jumping from a passenger's waiting path to Yes, suicide in the crowd of modern people who are always busy and crazy work. Early arrived in Japan, while still living in the hotel in the first 4 days, I was amazed to see the hygiene and the regular there. Awesome! Discipline in time, even until an appointment is adjusting the train clock. No wonder there was an appointment at 7.24 am, or 6.48 pm. So much they appreciate time. Not to mention his very tired work, working until night, not for chasing overtime, but for being saddled with a sense of responsibility. But then, over time, I can see the other side, behind everything that looks sparkling and versatile. A lot of facts I see, in various aspects of life, chatting with many people, it turns out it's not all beautiful. Especially from the psychological side.       

But I have to admit, in general Japan is a nation that holds firm values and norms of cultural roots and habits of their ancestor s' heritage, which is philosophies. They are a nation that uphold commitment and discipline, obedience to promises and rules agreed. It has nothing to do with religion, because they do not follow any religion. Then is the absence of a religion that makes them so disciplined?       

Before you answer and provide a variety of facts I see, listen and natural, I'll take us to take a look at some things. Then I'll get in on the facts and the real story of the day I've met. Maybe it won't be finished in one post. The story of the experience I will post in the next writings. This is an open note, our mindset, to answer the next few questions.

*** *** ***         

Now, let's think honestly: if in our country the people still like to waste trash, smoking in any place, pissing in vain, what's wrong? Of course not! I will not speak to another religion, I will only speak the teachings of the religion that I know, that is Islam. Didn't Islam teach cleanliness even hadith who said that hygiene is part of faith? Is not before the prayer, which has been right since gargle, cleaning up the nostrils, wash your face, wash your hands, arms, washing off the leaves, some of the hairs are covered in it. Don't you think there is a prayer? In Islam, even shit / shit is broken down and set up how to clean it up. In Islam cleans the body, including cutting the nails and hair in the body parts when it is not cut can cause the aroma ofn't and become a hive of bacteria. So, if the rules have been over it, but the human who doesn't run, doesn't keep hygiene, what's wrong?         

In Islam, let alone smoke in any place or blow the smoke of smoke so that it causes pollution to others. For putting poison into the body, damaging the health, it's a pain. So if there is a Muslim who is addicted to cigarettes until it doesn't matter to smoke in any place, what's wrong with her        

We may be amazed by the Japanese discipline of time. Then does islam not teach the discipline of time? In Islam, the prayer of 5 time is set in time, even the main thing is to bring the prayer to prayer so Then, if most of us (including myself) have no discipline in performing the prayer, still like to ignore the call of prayer, no time discipline, who is wrong? His religion or his people?         

We could be amazed how the Japanese are very carefully holding the promise, so that the two minutes will go away. In the meantime, our nation is known by rubber hours, loves to sleep if you promise. Well, whose one or his religion? If a lot still likes not to keep his promise, is his religion to blame, for not being able to force his people to keep his ! No! But The Messenger (Muhammad saw) said, " there is no God but he. Well, what's wrong or oknumnya?         

What we don't have is commitment and obedience. Suppose a Muslim, if he has declared himself Muslim, religious Muslims, then he must commit to run the teachings of Islam in kaffah, not at the buffet, chosen which is loved and felt fit by his own desire. Like or do not like, if already commit, yes must be executed. Do we think the Japanese love the scraps of plastic scraps of food, or keep holding the empty cans / liquor bottles to find a suitable dumpster (there's a dumpster for plastic, plastic bottle, glass glass, cans, separate and different) to throw it away? Not at all! Who likes to carry trash? But why would they do that? Yes because it's a commitment to run the rules, there or no janitor that caught him. Well, in our society, even the traffic rules that are self-harm and other people can be broken, as long as they don't get caught. Until there is a joke on the detail and rider: (+) " you don't see the red lights?"; (-) " see sir "; (+) " then why the brother broke?"; (-) I didn't see if there Father ".       

The Japanese have a lot of heavy smokers, but why are they willing to restrain themselves not to smoke until they find "smooking area"? while in our society people are free to smoke anywhere, in a public vehicle, even in the air-conditioned courtroom in the house . I've ever seen photos, people keep smoking, right under the writing "no smoking" in a hospital. What's wrong or the guy? Or even the creed of a transgressor who deserves to be blamed? Of course not!

*** *** ***       

Absence of commitment and obedience, that is the greatest problem of our nation. We are not afraid of anything, because it can be broken, diakalin.        

Professor. Salim said in one event in ilc last September, said " a nation if there was a fear that would usually go forward. People have nothing to fear, not even god is afraid! - that's why I'm not going forward. Salim said reap the roar of laughter and applause. We laugh at once, allowing her words. Here, we are not afraid of the law of law, and the law and regulations are being violated, including fear of God, the laws of God are being infringed, or at least to be bullied.       

Let's all reflect, including me, and maybe that actress the artist had to say to him: have we disciplined the prayer 5 time? Don't-don't do it. Okay, if it is complete 5 times a day, have we disciplined the time, perform the prayer on time, when accessibility sounds immediately to stop the activity, rushing clean and pray, the men vie to the mosque before accessibility to be able to in in the prayer ? Or do you prefer to delay the prayer because "aah..., take it, you have to cut the job", or because it's a busy meeting, even busy hangout at the mall and café I am one of those who have no discipline to pray. If you can't discipline and obey, then who's wrong? Religion has outlines the best, but we are the bad ones.       

Let's check our income, how many shodaqoh and religious charities have we removed? Do you comply with religion? Have we been careful in choosing food, drinks, jobs to avoid what is illegal and syubhat? It hasn't been too much. It doesn't even feel difficult and hard to follow his religious rules.        

In Conclusion: if we don't have a commitment and obedience in running the religion we follow, is it guaranteed that we become Japanese, then we can have commitment and obedience to run their rules and culture? If you don't, it's free to be Japanese, if inside we still have a desire to choose and sort out what we want to follow and what we want to ignore because it's not what we want.         In Japan, the concept of "Kanai" (wife) who is fully performing domestic role in households, being a family servant, serving his husband and family, is still held firmly in the modern society though. I see it is similar to the concept of "Al admit people" in Islam, where a mother's main duty at home. And the women of Japan live with willingly, accept it as the nature of the tradition of tradition. I've been writing about this about 5 years ago. Anytime I'll post it again.       

Compared to today's old people in this country, who feel modern, which is suing the Islamic rules about women for being considered curb.        

Wherever it is all over the earth, as well as any system but if a man who runs has no commitment and obedience, there's nothing to be feared when breaking, then the system will be broken. For me who feel already has a complete religion set up on the side of the human life, then the Islamic system is the best. If I haven't been able to run it, then the bad is me, not my religion.         Oh yes, one more thing, the famous Japanese people are very honest. Meanwhile, among us who claim to be religious but still like to lie to achieve goals, still like "steal" even with a very sophisticated technique. Then did he wrong? Is it better, or is it not true, or is the truth of the truth?         

So naive if we see an invisible nation but it looks all good, then we conclude that there is no need to find God and religion. While in Japan, God allows me to meet a Japanese Muslimah, whose life is a tidy scarf. His name is asthmatic. This is an asthmatic, and then introducing me with the community of otsuka mosque, meets the true Japanese converts, who willing to leave all the mundane pleasures that they have, in order to seek keteteraman Muslims Next time I'll write it down. Including my friendship with an atheist friend. Oh yes, the Japanese are very upholding morality?? Hmm..., the miss artist hasn't been going to roppongi (Read: Rop-Pong-GI) who is famous for his nightlife, huh? A friend once said: "I want to take you for a walk to roppongi, but open it first, than shame".          

Doesn't deserve muslimah scarf-in roppongi at night, will be embarrassing. Why?! Because there is a contradiction between a muslimah's image shut down the roppongi image as the night entertainment district. Let's not go to roppongi in shinjuku. I was a Saturday afternoon after ashar went to harajuku, wanted to see what the fashion center said. Home, me and friends stop by to shinjuku, want to eat at a restaurant that he says is delicious. When I took the elevator to the diner and in the hallway I went through, I was shocked to find a plastered flyer, well..., some kind of girl brochure that could be in booking, that's         

Once in a Saturday afternoon, after watching the bazaar in the order of ri hut in srit (Indonesian school of Tokyo), I stopped by Shibuya and our paths stopped because the streets were closed, there was tglp, Tokyo gays and lesbians parade Disgusting to see their actions on the streets. What kind of morality is the actress? Is the freedom and tolerance for all such things is morality?          

Maybe the next time she needs to stay in Japan 2 years, NOT 2 days. And if necessary, chat with those who have found their quest for religion and God.

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