Becoming a Civilized Teacher

By Dr. Adian Husaini

In Islam, teacher is a scientist and muaddib (Educator), because the teacher's duty is instilling decency and share knowledge. The education world has been informed, that success and failed of education depend on the quality of teachers. A famous mahfudhat stating: '... Wal-USTĀDZU AHAMMU MIN AL-Tharīqah, WA SPIRIT USTADZ AHAMMU MIN AL-Ustadz." (... teachers are more important than methods; and the teacher's soul is more important than the teacher itself .
The phrase emphasizes, that the improvement of education must be started from the master's soul improvement, which is of the thought and amaliahnya. And it must begin from the correct teacher's education. Not surprising, if the scholars had so many written books about teachers and how to be a good teacher. One of the scholars who pay attention in the matter of the concepts of decency that contains also about manners is ibn Jama ' ah.

His full name is Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim ibn ' Dullah Ibn Jama ' Ah Bin Ali Bin Jama ' ah bin hazim bin who, born in ham ' ah year 639 h). The famous book is "Tadzikrah Al-Sami ' wa al-Mutakkalim Fî Adab Al-' I ' I ' I". here is a quote of scientist (teacher) summarized by Dr. Alim (a young scholar and lecturer of ibn khaldun bogor) from the book of the ibn worshippers:
(a) good scientist against himself (Adab Al-' Alim fi nafsihī)
A scientist must be in order. Without any decency, he will be plunged in blame. Therefore, Adab is a very important thing to pay attention to every scientist, in order for the science that it has to be a good decorator, and an example for life. This whole attitude will be the pillars, which deliver scientists into the degree of grandeur, as defined by God in QS. The, 11
God lifts those who believe and those who have been given the flag
God has given you a few degrees, and he has given you several degrees.
In the book of al-Sami Al-guide said that there are twelve items of personal decency to be owned by every scientist, so that it will be born from every scientist to be exemplary and exemplary in life. Such manners are as follows:
1. to be closer to God, and be watched by him, all alone and in the crowd. Thus, the wicked will stay awake, both his oral, his thoughts, his thoughts, and his understanding, as well as trust.
Believers, do not betray God and the messenger and betray your safety and you know.
O you who believe! Do not betray Allah and the messenger, and do not betray your trusts, while you know." (QS. Al-Anfal: 27)
Allah is forgiving and merciful. Ibn Al-believe and the scholars of the prophet and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, and the prophet, did not bequeath to them, nor did they inherit. HR. The pious.
2. Should every scientist preserve his knowledge, as the scholars of the salaf keep him. He is the all-knowing, the all-merciful. Is a pledge in the world.
3. Should every scientist behave in carnal affairs. It means he does not put his knowledge on the worldly life. The world is only a means of supporting support, not the final goal in his life.
4. Should every scientist not make his knowledge as a tool to achieve earthly interests, of title, wealth, popularity, or to compete with others. In this world, and he will put it down in disgrace.
5. Should every scientist avoid all professions, or places of worship and customs at least lacking in dignity. , to avoid the presumption of negativity.
6. Should every scientist keep the waymarks of ar-of. In the mosques of prayer in the mosque, spreading peace, the beramar of helped, patient and courteous. Is also a part of the symbols. All of it, it will give birth to the scientist and our science.
For every one of them is the best of those who do good. Like, the reading of the Qur ' an, is a reflection of the circumcision, fasting of circumcision, fasting, circumcision, dhikr, dhikr, glorifying. It will increase the power of his Lord, and he is the all-Mighty, the all-knowing.
8. Should every scientist have a high loyalty against society, treat them with a moral character. Like, a happy face when they meet others, spreading their greetings, and the people who are oppressed, to defend those who are oppressed, meek to the needy, and cooperate in righteousness.
For every scientist purifies himself from all praise, and sanctify him with his moral character. Then a scientist must empty himself from the envy of hearts, angry, cheat, persists, show, find. Then fill him with his qana, the pardoner, the honest, the faithful, the pardoner, the faithful, the generous.
10. Should every scientific scientist add keilmuannya insights, by more reading, memorize, analyze, review problems, research, and pour in the form of ilmiyah. It is not for you to sleep in the day of the day, nor will they sleep in the night.
11. Should every scientist not hesitate to learn to people under it, both age, position and relationship. It is because, knowledge and wisdom are lost from the hands of the believers.
12. Should every scientist have a skill in the writing world, especially in the field. It was intended as a vessel to funnel his knowledge in the midst of the vast society, and the development of the academic world
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