Beautiful Life and Blessing

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Islam as one device rule for man is a clear guide to everyone who wants it. Islam has a comprehensive rule that is practical, which means there is not only a group of theory or philosophy. In this case, Islam has a method in life. A full picture of life when it is viewed from the Islamic point of view. The life of a man will never escape the method of how to live the life. This life is no more than a group of understanding and value - life values of course are different from the hadlarah of the other life systems call it capitalist and socialist.      

Islamic methods in life on three principles. The first is the foundation of the life of aqidah Islam. Something in the foundation of foundation must be strong strong and must be Sahih. Life in Islam indeed will not be released from aqidah Islam, the foundation of any foundation that will determine how the building of human life will be. Is the day of resurrection. There is no doubt in it and is proven in charity       

Second, the measure of deeds that lean on halal - haram. Every deed will be returned to Allah. Not a personal standard, or the standard of other people's doctrine. The Lord of the heavens and the earth.       

A good Muslim is when he wants to do something, and he will think of it. Is what he is doing. A glance is not pleasing to humans, but don't we want to live a beautiful life? It's one of the keys.       

There is relativity with happiness. Some say that happiness is simple, some say happiness is difficult, some say that happiness is given by others, and some say that happiness is created by yourself. Islam has the default standards of happiness. The third point of the Islamic method in life is happiness only when being pleased with God.        Happiness Formulas are clearly different from the others. This formula is a formula made directly by the human creator. The key that many people are looking for in here, but I can't get it, because it can't be the pleasure of God Happiness is an eternal peace that will not be achieved except the pleasure of God.        

This is the Islamic method in life. Life should be as powerful as Muslims, walking on this method for a meaningful life. May we belong in the people who are meant to set our lives according to the three principles that have been written.        We may be able to make this happen, but the flaws will always be approaching. When they try to stay away from riba (usury), the dust will be always. When you can keep yourself from dating activities, so what about khalwat and ikhtilath activities in the present? Can you avoid it yourself? When you can take care of yourself and the family of khamr and other illegal things until we feel the peace has come, can the peace be achieved by other Muslims? When we try to be pleased with Allah as happiness, then what is with the wealth and the throne. The others? Why do these three principles do not belong to everyone? Why don't you appear in communal? May always be subservient to writing a continuation of these simple writings. Amen, Rabb.

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