RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Just because it was a misunderstanding, the inter-student clashes occurred. This commotion was aggravated by a graduation-happy graduation board. But the fighting has already caused a public facility. How are we doing today? Are we sick? Why do we easily get angry? How are we doing today? Do we need the workload of fatigue and hardship? Or are we mentally mental mental? Or are we inspired by the repressive force?       

We're frustrated. Even among the intellectuals who say high-minded ideation. But still haven't been able to think clearly and easily ignited. Then what about the common people? Of course we remember the news of the other day, a very alarming incident has occurred. A young woman was burnt by her own boyfriend. Sadly, this young woman is carrying a 6-Month-old fetus. The man can't think clearly anymore. He would kill and burn the lover. Among the intellectual and general society, they cannot be gentle again.       

Our lust is hotter than the fire that we ignite to burn. Really, this lust will be easy to burn a love instinct because our lives are far from religious rules. This lust will be an easy fire to burn our humanity as long as faith still hasn't circled our lives. Then we are human beings who prefer his own desire to submission.      

I think we need to recall that the most powerful man is capable of restraining anger. A strong man is capable of controlling his own desires. In order for violent culture is not more rampant, the violent content of the media must be muzzled for setting an example. Countries must be decisive to stop premanisme from a copy paste by a generation. It's supposed to be the state of creating a sense of safety and stopping the perfect culture of good violence in the campus       

Related to student clashes, absolutely unfortunate. This is an image of our educational output. Grad school didn't make them able to think straight, mature, and behave that ahsan.           They've reached puberty but she's still childish. This is a hard slap for us to improve the vision and mission of education. Maybe all our education is too creative. Our only education to meet the needs of industry. Eventually education is only busy filling the child's sense but ignoring the pattern of child attitudes. Only if the output is a clever generation but not polite. More pathetic, clever but disheveled. Indeed Islam has a special method of education. Where the education begins. Then Master manners like respect to parents and teachers, keep the word and tone of voice. Scholars always put manners before science. The Assembly of the teachings of saleh is more widely filled with teaching manners than other science. They've learned manners in a long time because believe that the sublime decency will make it easier to understand various science.      

Much different now. Smart people but less powerful, plus less manners. Because they are not schooled in the anvil, and despite. They've grown into a distant generation of sholih, disrespectful teachers, arrogant, degrading others, violent berkatanya, easy emotions, etc.       It's time to change our education for better education and decency. So that we may be able to believe in it, and do not believe in it. In addition to being a civilized generation. Hopefully there is no human being who lit the fire to burn when it ignited. In fact, what we ignite is not as hot as it burns us. The fire we ignite, there is nothing compared to the heat of hell.

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