Abu Dujana and Jewish neighbors

Abu Dujana regular prayers behind the messenger of God. However, he just completed his prayers, suddenly he had to come out of the mosque in haste. Of course, his actions provoke his majesty's attention.

Then, when the prophet saw it. And he said, " O Abu Dujana, do you have no authority over God?"
Abu Dujana replied, " of course, the messenger of God, I have no power without him."
He said, " then why do you not wait until the prayers of our prayers Then you can pray, ask God what you want.

Abu Dujana explains, " Why, I have a Jewish neighbor. He has a date-Palm Tree, while a branch has hit my yard. If the night wind blew it, then the wet fruit has fallen in my place. I was thinking about coming out of sesegara mosque maybe, so I could gather those wet dates, and then I'll give it back to the owner before my kids wake up. Then they eat them when they're hungry. Abu said, " I swear to you, O Messenger, that I saw my children once chewed up this one wet date, then I slipped my fingers into his throat, and I took out those dates before he swallowed it. When my son cried out, " would you not be ashamed, if I should stand before God, on the day of judgment

When Abu Bakr heard what was delivered by the ashes of dujanah, he went to the Jew, and bought that palm tree from him, and gave it to abu dujanah and his children. When the Jews, the neighbors know, the real problem, then he immediately collects his children and his family, then invites them to meet the messenger of God. And to announce, that they enter Islam.

So they, the guided, because of their extraordinary attitudes, were born from the depths of his faith.

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