About Psychological Disorder

by Yeti Widiati

" I feel sick now, mom, dizzy too, want to go to a doctor..." sighs a young girl on her mother.

" yes, mama also gets sick and dizzy, here... we are the same, you go to the doctor, the medicine will buy you two. - let. - ".

" Okay, mom...."

A few hours later, the girl comes home, and says, " Mom, here's the medicine, the doctor says I'm pregnant. Means Mom is pregnant too..."

That joke I read in Femina Magazine, decades ago. And I now see a similar situation.

About 3-4 years ago I once obtained a client stating that he had a psychological breakdown. He mentions the name of the nuisance as the name in DSM (diagnostic and statistic manual), " the book of magic and clinical psychologists in determining the diagnosis of psychological disorder.

I asked, from where he got the diagnosis, and how he was so sure of his conclusion. He said that he read on a website about the symptoms of an intrusion, and the symptoms were exactly as he felt. I asked you again, whether he came to a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist to discuss about this. He said no, ' cause he was so sure.

I told him, that to set a diagnosis, a psychologist or psychiatrist, had to go through a thorough assessment process and take time. Diagnostics Affect the actions taken. The same symptoms of some people don't necessarily have the exact same diagnosis. So that everyone may obtain treatment or different suggestions.

Deliver a diagnosis (particularly psychological diagnosis) to clients or patients need to be done very carefully. Because in a lot of diagnostic conditions make clients feel helpless, don't want to change, leaving or it's all counterproductive with what a client is supposed to be cooperating with the change.

I took this example, when a doctor said that the patient had a flu, then if the patient had knowledge and the ability of this disease, he could be quite cooperative to cure himself. He can rest, reduce activities, drink a lot, eat vitamins, etc.

But when the doctor said that someone was affected by cancer, then the acceptance and involvement in curing himself could be very different. I found a lot of these conditions on a psychologist and his client.

Somewhat different between psychological and medical problems. Psychological problems are generally related to others. I mean, the child's problem can be caused by his parents, his nanny, his teacher, or even his friend. Until the solution involves a lot of parties. Knowledge of this fact, it has often caused frustration in some people, especially to those who do have trouble doing their approach to these people. There was also a client who took refuge behind the diagnosis to do over his actions. For example, " I'm an introvert, so I can't hang out..."

Therefore a lot of psychologists are making considerable consideration in order to deliver or not deliver a diagnosis by seeing as far as his clients can interact with the change.

The current development of the internet, causing the risk of exposure. People can now "assess" themselves through various websites that review themes about this. It's certainly good as a setup, but still can't be a major reference. People need to come directly to the experts if they want to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge.

I've read the statement of a doctor who refuses to give advice through online consultation. According to him, however the doctor had to put a diagnosis on observation and examination directly. Can't just go through the ' report ' patients that are not necessarily accurate.

For the same reason, I personally restrict the advice that is too specific to the cases being delivered in writing. I prefer yell, to come directly to a shrink around it. Unfortunately, compared to the doctors, the psychologist was far more widespread.

I'm afraid, a case like above the incident,
E.G. (it's fictitious).
" Ma'am, my son can't concentrate on studying
Then, psikolognya for the analysis of the client, one of his advice was, " Oh, before learning to run away from his child, so the energy could pass."

The Mother then told those suggestions to the other mothers whose children are also difficult to concentrate. Or if the suggestion is delivered in writing, then the advice is in copas and share to the other mothers whose children are also difficult to concentrate, " the psychologist, if the child can't concentrate on studying, tell them to run away before studying." - no other kid can't concentrate. It's because of his emotional problems. So the advice advice would be different.

So, learn via the internet, (learn whatever it is), still need to be equipped by meeting the person who has its knowledge, and also by reading the reference books. So that we can acquire a more comprehensive knowledge. And be thankful for guidance and mentorship.

* inline interactions remain more valuable

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