About Pilgrimage & read Qur ' an in Grave

Ustad Rifaldi.. How is the legal pilgrimage for a woman? Keep your manners, huh? Syukron


Evidence of grave is a history of the buraidah of al-ASLAMI RADHIYALLAAHU 'anhu who said, that rasulullaah shallallaahu' alayhi wasallam said,

Your end of the grave visit.

I forbid you to pilgrimage to the grave, but now berziarahlah ". (hr. Muslims no. 977)

In the history of Tirmidhi Append,

She remembers the afterlife.

".. because it reminds of the afterlife ". (hr. Tirmidhi no. 1054; Hasan Sahih)

For a male pilgrimage to his for, but his women women.

Some of the scholars consider women in night to visit the grave, which is ibn hizam. (Al Muhalla Bill Atsar, 3/388)

They put their opinion on a sign in the keumuman.

Others prohibit women for grave pilgrimage, even categorize as al-IR. (Mawsu ' ah al fiqh al islamiy, 2/793-794)

They are to be convinced of a hadith of the abu ra. He said,

The Messenger of God cursed women's wives

"Rasulullaah killed the women of the pilgrim" (hr. Tirmidhi no. 1056, Hadith Hasan)

And Magnesium Jumhur (the people of the clergy) consider the pilgrimage for women. (AL MAWSU ' ah al fiqhiyyah al kuwaitiyyah, 24/88)

Sayyid Sayyed Sabiq:

" Magnesium Malik, part of Magnesium Hanafi, and one of Imam Ahmad's history and many scholars allowed women for pilgrimage, based on Hadith of Hadith who asked the Prophet: " how am I supposed to speak to them?" . (Fiqhus Sunnah, 1/566)

And in the history of the prophet, the prophet teaches a great peace. And there is a chance of a woman to visit, because the prophet does not forbid aisha.

Imam the said:

The curse of God is upon them on the day of resurrection, and on the day of resurrection. Heavy ". (Naylul Awthar, 1/530)

Because of that, women can visit graves even better not.

But if the parable is the tomb of the prophet, or the burial of the prophet and the people of al-Khattab, it is also a part of it. . (wahbah zuhaily, al fiqh al islamiy wa adillatuhu, 2/1570)

And Adab - Adab Pilgrimage, is as follows.

🍂 say hello while entering the graveyard. Among his prayers is:

Peace on the people of the home of believers and Muslims, and I if god willing you will be followed, ask God for us and you wellness

I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you. We 'Alullaaha Lana wa lakumul' Aafiyah ". (hr. Muslims no. 975)

And we shall soon follow. I beseech Allaah, salvation for us and you ".

🍂 don't sit down and step on the grave, and not sleep and shitting. Based On Hadith:

Don't sit on the graves.

" do not sit on the grave.." (hr. Muslim)

Although some of the scholars allow, if seated is in order to pray for mayyit. And not sitting right above the grave. As to sit down, it is forbidden. (al fiqh al islamiy wa adillatuhu, 2/1555)

🍂 can sow flowers and water water, with a sign of the prophet put in one of the graves.

Of Ibn Abbas radhiyallahu that he said:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that they would lie and do not disembowel in large either one of them

He wasn't hiding from the piss or the other, he was walking around, and then he took a wet paper, and he was in half a grave, and they said, " Messenger of God

" when the prophet shallallahu ' alayhi through past two graves, he said :" the two of these graves were're, they were both diadzab because of great sin. Then, when it is said to them, " it is not for you to go to waste Then he took out the wet date, and split into two, each of them was buried in the graves. Both as long as it hasn't been dry." (hr. Al-Bukhari no. 215)

Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Haytami said:

He will put a green paper to follow, and he will be lightened for it, because he is more than the Canon of the land of the land, and measured by the of the basil.

" it is part of the time that is still green in order to follow sunah, and sanadnya Sahih, and it will ease the the. It is more perfect than the furious of furious, because it includes the type of plant life, and diqiyaskan with it is the immerse of fragrant flowers and so ".

🍂 may read the Qur ' an on the grave

Covenant: from ' Abdullaah ibn ma ' UD RADHIYALLAAHU ' anhu, he said,

I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, " if one of you dies, do not touch him and bring him to his grave and read in his head with the opened of the book and upon his feet with the cow

I hear rasulullaah shallallaahu ' alayhi wasallam said,
If one of you dies, do not hold it. Give to him in the night, and he will be in the hands of his Lord. Tabarani no. 13613. Imam Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani Judge Sanad Hadith This Hasan [Al Fath, 3/184])

Imam Nawawi also thinks that the make read the Qur ' an on the side of the grave, based on the hadith of the palm -

"Shafi ' I and the scholars magnesium shafi ' I said," it is advisable to read some of the alqur in the grave. They said, if they were able to mengkhatamkan alqur ' an overall, then it was good ". (Al Adzkaar, Hal. 163)

Because a lot of lazy and lack of science, finally a lot of people are reluctant to do this. Although it is recommended based on Hadith Sahih.

🍂 must not ask to the grave and worship the grave. ' cause it is clear that it is the truth and it can bring someone to infidelity.

In Sha Allaah we shall discuss a long length.
Wallaahu a ' Lam.

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