4 Tips on monsoons because it's not dry during monsoon season

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The amount of rain that is still hitting a number of regions in Indonesia these days, wouldn't want to make our daily activity a little . Most often dikeluhkan when being at home for example, in doing laundry. .

When it rains, the clothes will be longer dry and so the smell of musty because of the moist air. .

In fact, it doesn't close the possibility of bacteria. .

But, calm down, you can still work it out with this trick, as it's reporting from novaid, so that the smell of musty smell and avoid bacteria. .

Yuk, try it together! .

1. Put clothes on dry towels .

During the rainy season, hanging shirts with hangers will certainly make moist and musty smell. .

Any other way to be used for clothes can be dry by perfect by exploiting the dry towels. .

When the clothes have been washed and squeezed, fold and wrap clothes with dry towels. .

After that, put it in the freezer for 7-8 hours. .

After 7-8 hours, you can dry it. . In a way like this clothes will be faster and odorless. .

2. Using plastic or black cloth .

Take advantage of the black cloth or plastic plastic in your house. .

Then cut the cloth or the plastic with a size that can cover your clothes. .

Clip properly and hang those clothes in a place exposed to sunlight with good air circulation. .

Black in fabric and plastic can help absorb the energy and UV Rays and be able to kill bacteria that causes stale clothes. .

The suit will dry and don't smell. .

3. Using Vinegar .

When you wash clothes, ADD 2 tablespoon to vinegar and half a bottle of milk. .

Then, soak your clothes for less than 10 minutes before being flushed. . You can just put them right in the room with the light of the sun with good air circulation. .

Your shirt won't stink and stay dry. .

Try it, when it's drying, the front and back clothes don't touch directly. .

It will accelerate the drying process. .

4. Directly .

Other ways that the clothes don't evoke the smell of musty, and press them directly after being lifted. .

This is a very common mistake, where the clothes that have been raised were left stacked and not lightly ironed. .

In fact, those piled up one of them were the cause. .

So, when the clothesline is lifted, preferably to be ironed and spruced, yes.[]

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