Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Social Welfare Ethics

Recently, there are many accounts reported to the police because it contains a status that is considered insulting or offensive speech (hate speech). They're threatened by the ite law with a prison threat. , however, unleashes the insult to be taught in Islam. Criticize May, but there is no ethic. In order to not be trampled in such conditions, pay attention to things as follows:
1. Virtual World and the real world has the same legal consequences.
What's not worth doing in the real world, is also happening in the virtual world. Imagine you're dealing with the subject that you commented on, right in front of him. Do you dare express your heart with bad words, rude or vile, as if you're typing on social media?
2. Identities must be honest.
The owner or admin of an account can be traced in the virtual world. Don't think you're safe to throw an abomination, you know that it's virtual. In fact, our identity in the virtual world also has to remain honest as it is in the real world. Can't be a woman to admit women and otherwise, to eliminate traces.
3. faced thoughts with thought.
Don't drop someone by committing character murders. Provide an argument that has a scientific runway, rather than talking about physical or her behavior outside the social media.
Don't worry about it.
Give constructive criticism and solutif. Instead of nyinyir or venting emotional frustrations.
4. Collect accurate and reliable data.
Before throwing anything, don't be lazy checks and ricek. Today is a lot of hoaxes. Must be careful of receiving information and spreading it. Even includes information that impresses islami, not miss the hoax.
5. Self-restraint and emotion.
Grow up, don't easily get emotional. A lot of status is clearly contrary to the vantage point of Islamic understanding. If we are against such a status, must digest it with a cold head.
6. Avoid Labeling.
Never give a bad label to the person, which is not necessarily like that. E.g. labeled someone as communists, infidels, etc. We don't have data and facts clearly.
7. Virtual Worlds are always connected to humans.
Interacting with the netizens, like we're hanging out with humans in the real world. Obviously we want a good one. Not looking for enemies. Doesn't trigger trouble. Act as we want others to do good to us.
8. Status.
The virtual world is characterized by what he wrote, both in status and in his comments. We're going to be branded rude, if it's a lot of harsh comments We've been stamped, if it's a lot of self-win. Then, think ripe before throwing the idea of anything in the virtual world. (*)

Writer : Kholda Naajiyah



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