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Indonesia Sold?

Indonesia Sold?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Good people don't need the law to order them to act full of responsibilities, while the bad guys will always find a loophole around the law (Plato). There is a fundamental article in the fundamental laws in this country that nature's resources belong to the people and its country to run for the welfare of the people.      

In Islamic perspective, natural resources such as water, forests, oil, and gas belongs to the people or communities that cannot be sold or privatized to belong to individuals. Privatization of natural resources as the economic implementation of the economic system of capitalism. Because, the system of capitalism refers to the economic and liberalistik systems.       

This system puts individual interests above everything. Therefore, capitalism is often referred to as free enterprise or private enterprise. Private property for manufacturing tools and consumption (land, factories, roads, etc) with the purpose of stacking individual wealth is the main character of capitalism according to Milton. This concept is arising from John Locke's philosophy of philosophy.      

In his mind, Locke argued that his wealth was natural and detached from the power of the country. Justice for all indonesian people listed in pancasila will only be a utopia for small people. Of course, if applicable in this country, it is capitalism. Selling strategic assets for the people's well-being is a form of treason against this nation.      Because, the more privatization of privatization, then the more gaping of people's poverty. In the end, the country just became kapling-kapling the capitalist ones who only care for themselves. Economic Capitalism will make a gaping gap between the rich and the poor.      

The wealth of a country will only be ruled by a handful of greedy men. Meanwhile, from the social side, secularism is giving birth to individual immoral behavior that is far from religious values by taking refuge in human rights as individual rights to do anything.      

Secular Capitalism has brought self-desctructive from birth. The view of the world of capitalism is what it is to be the source of the modern world of sociological.       

Capitalism is a systematic and structured crime that is supported by the constitution of a criminal conspiracy and the ruler of the of of pragmatism. From the root of the matter it is the birth of a variety of poverty and crime in the society of the currents down because of the Capitalism systems seat the owners of the capital above the country. State sovereignty is under its power. The strategic economic factors are completely controlled by the capitalists who are able to control the various state policies. Sovereignty and justice in the state of kapitalistik is simply rhetoric, if not to be said as public lies.       

Instead of rulers will realize justice and the welfare of the people according to legal laws, with the system of capitalism it's just a country to be easily held in materialism.      

It's not too much to say that the country can be sold if this capitalism system. Not only until there, capitalism will give birth to a lot of wrongdoings for the little people. At least four evils of this capitalism system.     

First, the tyranny of politics. Considering the power of human beings by certain communities among them. A community that hogging this power is pleased to impose his will to the people.     

They did it without giving the right to anyone to express his opinion in a program and how to work. There has been an plundering of the people's rights in by the central nation's political power.       

Second, social oppression. The process of penjaringan in the system of capitalism was given only to the people of money and who wanted to take a bribe or a gratuity. As a result, people who actually have honesty and integrity don't have a chance at all if they don't have money.      

Capitalism so discriminating against the righteous people are worthy to be leaders. Proving how much corruption of corruption is a way to restore political capital in the system of capitalism.       

Third, economic iniquity. Growing a capitalist social class that has abundant wealth on one side, but there is a very poor social class on the other side. A handful of people can exceed the wealth of hundreds of millions of people.        This has been caused by not the creation of the distribution of the country's distribution of countries. Therefore, grow a rich social class (capitalist) who is greedy and evildoer. Grew up with a lot of ribawi. The fourth, the tyranny of souls. Kapitalistik society is not built on the base of brotherhood, but coercion and importance. This is what then eliminates the clarity of the Lord and the people.        

They've grown into a weak oppressor. Their souls became dark full of selfishness and kecongkakan. As a result, the various forms of crime and criminality are flourishing from the rulers to the commoners. People have suffered a lot of stress and depression due to the stresses of economic pressure.      

If it is, it is better to be the ruler of the land.      

It's not hard to understand that this country has almost collapsed in the end of this materialism. May the rulers do not do misdiagnosis so to perform an act of malapraktek over this country's disease.       

From here hopefully the Islamic system can be the best alternative for the elixir of this country's chronic disease. 

Imam Al-Qurtubi, broad knowledge and perfect cleverness
Illustration of the book

Imam Al-Qurtubi, broad knowledge and perfect cleverness Illustration of the book

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The Imam of al-Qurtubi is one of the leading salaf of Salaf. And Hadith, and Hadith.       

It's Bermazhab Sunni-Maliki. However, it's not ta ' Assub with malikinya madhhab. On the other hand, he is open in his thesis, and is an open argument.       

The full name of Imam Al-Qurtubi is Abu Abdillah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Farh Al-Ansari Al-Khazraji Al-Andalusi Al-Qurtubi. He is the one who is born in Cordova, and he has learned the Qur 'an, the Qur' an, fiqh, fiqh. Balaghah, ulumul Qur ' an, and other science.       

He traveled to the east and settled in the ashes of al-Hushaib (in south asyut, Egypt). He was one of the righteous servants. He's very zuhud against the life of the world. He is busy in the hereafter. His age is spent to provide guidance, worship, and write. Regarding the figure of al-Qurtubi, the shah-Dhahabi explains, " he is a priest who has a vast and profound knowledge. He has a number of very useful works, and shows how broad his knowledge and perfect cleverness."      

Imam Al-Qurtubi is a productive scholar of writing. His masterpiece is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. This is a great book consisting of 20 volumes.      

This is one of the greatest interpretations. Tafsir at the Qur ' an. Is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. This is the interpretation of the Qur ' an. Writers do not include stories or history, and instead, the author sets the laws of the Qur ' an, doing istimbath over a sign and to mention a variety of qira ' at, I ' Rab, nasikh, and a.      

The method of al-Qurtubi in interpreting the Qur ' an by interpretation of tahlily. That he may explain to you all aspects of the Qur ' an.      

The other works are at-Tadzkirah Fi Ahwal Al-mauta wa age al-Akhirah, at-Tidzkar Fi Afdal Al-Adzkar, Al-Asnafi Sharh Asma 'Illah Al-Him, sharh at-Taqashshi, Al-I' llambi maa Fi Din S-NASHARA MIN AL-mafashid wa al-auham wa izhhar mahasin din al-Islam, and QAM 'u AL-Harsh Ibn A-Zuhd' ah. In the book of al-Sadiq (Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-AF, Al-Sadiq, Al-Sadiq, Al-Muqtabar, Al-Muqtabar and al-of. ' fi sharh al-Isyrinat an-Nabawiyah.      

The Imam of al-Qurtubi died in Egypt on Monday, 9 of the of of 671 H (1273 M). His tomb was in el meniya, in the east of the Nile, in the ashes of al-Hushaib. These tombs are often parable by many people.

Be careful, the fruit hasn't always been part of a healthy diet!

Be careful, the fruit hasn't always been part of a healthy diet!

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Actually, can we really eat as much fruit as we want in one piece? Unfortunately, no. Fresh fruit is a healthy choice for rich with vitamins and antioxidants.    

However, the fruit still contains calories and carbohydrates. That is the reason that the fruit can also result in a bad result of our bodies, which is able to stop weight loss.     

We always believe that fruit is a mandatory food for us who want to lose weight or maintain the ideal weight.      

Indeed, fruit is a very nutritious meal that must be included in a balanced diet, but from this moment it seems we begin to reduce the fruit of our food. Reporting of the shape, here is a deep explanation of fruit relations with a healthy diet. Why do we have to add fruit in our diet menu?     

In fact, carbohydrates in the fruit have no major impact on our blood sugar rate because most fruits have low glycemic rates.     

Fruit can also provide significant fiber doses for the diet we do. Surely it will slow the digestion and make us feel full longer.     

Fruit like blueberries is also a good source of antioxidants and can help reduce blood pressure, against oxidative stress, and may reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.       Fruit has a lot of benefits that make it to be in our food menu, but does the fruit also have a bad side?      

First question is why the fruit can inhibit weight loss?   

It is high-fructose.    

Fructose is the kind of sugar that is naturally found in a variety of diverse degrees.      

Sugar is often avoided by us who is on a diet or preserving the ideal body, but why don't we avoid the fruit that also contains sugar?      

Basically, the sugar in the fruit is not like the glucose we've been avoiding, sugar will usually be sent to muscles, brain, and other organs to be used as energy.     

Whereas, fructose is only processed by our hearts.     

However, however, fructose remains bad for our health.     Why is fructose so bad?      If our hearts already have enough energy, then there is a possibility that our hearts will process the fructose into fat, due to excessive fructose content.    

This is what is judged can not only inhibit weight loss, but it will also add weight.     

His influence would be visible to our waist that became no match for his proportions.      

What is more relevant about why the fruit has not been labeled "eat as much as we want" is because each fruit also contains calories and carbohydrates.       

For example, one banana contains 100 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates, whereas one apple can contain 115 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates.      

It can be concluded that if we consume as much fruit as we want, then there is a possibility that our bodies can be excess calories and carbohydrates.      

Whereas, the truth is we have to limit carbohydrate feeds up to 100 grams per day because this is a common target for us to restrict ourselves with carbohydrates.     

If so, eat two bananas and one apple will consume 84 percent of carbohydrate feeds in body, the calculations have not been added with the amount of carbohydrates in other foods we eat all day.      

However, if we really want to enter the fruit in our diet menu, better pick a small berry, but fibrous.      

For example, raspberries, blueberries, Strawberry, Kiwi, Clementine, Plum, Peach, and a small apple is kind of good fruit to lose weight.      

In addition, you better enjoy your fruits, but stay focused on eating more vegetables than fruit, especially green vegetables.     

' cause, the benefits of the fruit will be diminished and it will harm us if we consume them excessively.

Tales of a little istighfar

Tales of a little istighfar

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Lafadz Istighfar is one of the dhikr to beg forgiveness of God. Usually after the prayer, Muslims will not miss to say my astagfirullah thing. Wish, istighfar is able to eliminate sins.   

There is no God but he.     

These stories tell me how it is for a little istighfar in life. From the story of a bakery that wants to meet with Imam Ahmad, until an old senile old lady who expects a doctor's aid to cure his How are you? Here's the review.     

1. Magical story of bread merchant

Imam Ahmad Rahimahullah is one of the 4 scholars scholars whose name is far until now. In his day, it was so being hailed by a lot of people. In a story written by Imam al jauzi rahimahullah in a book about Imam Ahmad told that when the priest entered the twilight age he was so eager to go to land sham.       

But Strangely Ahmad Ahmad doesn't have a clear purpose why he wants to go to that place. But he must travel far from his place in Baghdad. As soon as you know, Imam Ahmad stopped to perform his prayers. No one knows it, considering the age of technology is not advanced at this time.      

He waits in the mosque until the prayer of his prayers. After Ashar, the priest read the Qur ' an to wait for the time of the sun and After the night, Imam Ahmad then wants to sleep and rest in the mosque.      But the keeper of the mosque doesn't allow him to sleep there.     

" O Sheikh, you can't sleep here, this is the rule please go," said the guard But Imam Ahmad refused, "I'm a traveler, I want to rest here" answer the priest.     

But the guards kept refusing and asked him to come out and then lock the door of the mosque. After the guard left, Ahmad Ahmad retired at the court of the mosque.      

But, the keeper came back and threw him away until he pushed him into the streets. Then there is a baker whose house is not far from the mosque to see such conditions. The Baker calls him      

" O Sheikh, come and rest in my shop       Then the faith ahmad went into the bakery. " my house is not far from here, this is my bakery, back there, there's a room to rest. Rest tonight and tomorrow morning you can continue your journey again "       

After entering the store, Imam Ahmad then paid attention to the seller's activities. And there is one thing that most draws his attention from this man. The day of the dhikr (the Qur ' an) and the prayer of a little istighfar. Imam Ahmad who was amazed then asked " since when do you always ask for such a long time?"      

He said, " a long time ago. It's been a habit of my routine, almost in any condition.

" Then Imam Ahmad asked me again    

"then what was the result"     

"yes, God granted all my wishes" replied.     

" then what is your wish that God has not granted?" ask the priest.     He said, " I have always prayed to God to be met with a great scholar whom I loved so much. He is Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal!"      

" Allahu Akbar Because Istighfarmu is Allah swt bring me to your city for no apparent reason, because istighfarmu is marbot mosque forbid me to sleep in the mosque, because istighfarmulah you offer me a break in your place. I am Ahmad Ibn Hanbal...    

Mashallah, Allah swt bring Imam Ahmad to his house because of istighfarnya.    

2. Magical Istighfar a mother      

The next story hasn't been a long story that tells me about a mother who lives in khasmir territory. This mother has a daughter who has a bone disease. The Mother has always prayed to God for forgiveness. He's been taking his son to a doctor around his territory but didn't get the results.     

They're just saying that there's only one doctor capable of handling this disease. The doctor is a muslim shli a bone specialist, but unfortunately he lives very far in India.     

The Mother knows if she doesn't have the ability to go to India buying a plane ticket, eating over there and the cost of berobatnya. Then this mother is just more and more istighfar.     

Brief, the doctor who became a target out of India to fill an event and pass through the khasmir area.      

Suddenly the pilot said he couldn't fly because there was a rain storm and had to go down in this area. After suddenly said "I have to attend a seminar, how far is this area from destination"     

It turned out to be about four hours, so the doctor chose to rent a car because time for the seminar in about six hours.      

Finally left the airport to get to the seminar. But Honey, it's just a long time to leave the rain town so the driver can't move on. Because if forced then they will face a storm.     

Eventually the doctor agreed to rest by visiting the local house. The house looks old made out of the thousand wood. Then the doctor knocked on the door, said hi and asked for help that the landlord gave you a ride.      

Then the doctor came in and the mother took a drink. When the doctor was in the living room, this mother's son was crying in his room. Then the doctor asked    

"why do my children cry" ask the doctor   

"hurt the bone" answer the mother    " why isn't it taken to the doctor?"     

" already, but the doctor says they can't heal. Who can cure the only doctor named John doe,"      

He said, " praise be to God, who brought me home. I am the doctor I mean. Allah brings to his house a little, without charge. For Christ's sake.      

3. Blessings merutinkan istighfar good       Next story comes from a cardiologist named Dr. Khalid Jubai. He had a little istighfar in his life. Once upon a time, Dr. Khalid jubai gets a slander from a partner colleague. If the slander is proven, then the doctor someone retired early from the hospital. It has enraged him so unhinged. Nonetheless, he fights to restore the good name. But his efforts were not enough to be able to stand up against the partner. These conditions have made him desperate for a while.        But the miracle began to happen when he came to the mosque. After his prayer, he remembered something that changed his mind. All the time, all those sick people came to me with great expectations for me to treat them, but why now I'm not able to," think of him.     

Then suddenly he remembered a little istighfar, and felt a very powerful urge to do it. Then all the way home beliaupun started repeating this istighfar reading:    

“Astaghfirullahal-ladzi la ilaha illa Huwal-Hayyul-Qayyum, wa atubu ilaih”      

I seek forgiveness from God, there is no God but he, the all-living, the all-aware, and I repent to him. Al-Hakim from ibn mas ' UD and at-Tirmidhi from Bilal Bin Yasar Ibn Zayd.        As soon as you get home, there's such a terrible relief. He has some kind of spiritual experience that possesses his heart. So Beliaupun don't stop reading the lafadz istighfar, all the time and in all conditions.     

Short story, until at a time, all the charges that became a bad rumor against him were not proven. Of course he was shocked and grateful to know this. Then he became free from the punishment of a work stop and his name came clean.      

There is not enough for him, because he has been sent down to him, and he has no authority over them. Someone admits his actions and apologize to him and the relevant agency.       

Then let us always remember the word of the prophet saw in prayer with the forgiveness of. And the practices of al-Qur ' an and hadist.

4 Tips on monsoons because it's not dry during monsoon season

4 Tips on monsoons because it's not dry during monsoon season

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The amount of rain that is still hitting a number of regions in Indonesia these days, wouldn't want to make our daily activity a little . Most often dikeluhkan when being at home for example, in doing laundry. .

When it rains, the clothes will be longer dry and so the smell of musty because of the moist air. .

In fact, it doesn't close the possibility of bacteria. .

But, calm down, you can still work it out with this trick, as it's reporting from novaid, so that the smell of musty smell and avoid bacteria. .

Yuk, try it together! .

1. Put clothes on dry towels .

During the rainy season, hanging shirts with hangers will certainly make moist and musty smell. .

Any other way to be used for clothes can be dry by perfect by exploiting the dry towels. .

When the clothes have been washed and squeezed, fold and wrap clothes with dry towels. .

After that, put it in the freezer for 7-8 hours. .

After 7-8 hours, you can dry it. . In a way like this clothes will be faster and odorless. .

2. Using plastic or black cloth .

Take advantage of the black cloth or plastic plastic in your house. .

Then cut the cloth or the plastic with a size that can cover your clothes. .

Clip properly and hang those clothes in a place exposed to sunlight with good air circulation. .

Black in fabric and plastic can help absorb the energy and UV Rays and be able to kill bacteria that causes stale clothes. .

The suit will dry and don't smell. .

3. Using Vinegar .

When you wash clothes, ADD 2 tablespoon to vinegar and half a bottle of milk. .

Then, soak your clothes for less than 10 minutes before being flushed. . You can just put them right in the room with the light of the sun with good air circulation. .

Your shirt won't stink and stay dry. .

Try it, when it's drying, the front and back clothes don't touch directly. .

It will accelerate the drying process. .

4. Directly .

Other ways that the clothes don't evoke the smell of musty, and press them directly after being lifted. .

This is a very common mistake, where the clothes that have been raised were left stacked and not lightly ironed. .

In fact, those piled up one of them were the cause. .

So, when the clothesline is lifted, preferably to be ironed and spruced, yes.[]

Want to keep your kidneys healthy? Do 5 of these cheap tips

Want to keep your kidneys healthy? Do 5 of these cheap tips

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Kidney is an important organ in our body. Kidneys are working to maintain blood chemistry and keep the blood circulation clean by removing the "rubbish" raised in blood. Every day, our kidneys process or sift over 200 liters of blood, not a little bit of course.However, unfortunately we often do not remember to preserve kidney health so that it can function optimally.      

There's actually a simple tip to preserve our kidney function, which is:

1. Sugar is under control: High blood sugar rate can make the kidneys work too hard to disrupt his work in general. It is because of the high blood sugar rate that makes the kidneys filter out too much blood (high volume). When your kidneys work too heavy, your performance will be down and there will be a leak from saringannya.

2. Infection Infection Fixed or better to be avoided. Urine infection is generally occurring as a result of bacteria. When this infection is not handled then bacteria cause the infection can move up and infect the kidney so that the kidney function is disturbed. The easiest way to prevent the infection infection is to drink enough water every day or at least 8 Cups every day and keep hygiene.

3. Hypertension. High blood pressure or hypertension causes our hearts to work harder than usual and in a long term can damage the blood vessels in our bodies. When the broken vein is in the kidney then kidney function will be disrupted. It will then be able to raise blood pressure as well as to be a vicious circle.   

4. Stay away from drugs or food or drink as "poison" kidneys. Keeping what we eat is very important in helping kidney work to keep working optimally. Soft drinks, alcohol, and a few high-energy energy drinks can affect kidney functions in long-term.       

5. Drank enough water. Drinking water as a recommendation, which is 8 Cups a day will help relieve the kidney function and also prevent the mineral buildup which could result in a kidney stone.       

A healthy lifestyle is something that can easily be remembered. It can actually be an acronym or a mule bridge from an explanation of healthy lifestyle, which is:

S Balanced.

E - get rid of cigarettes.

H-avoid stress.

A watch the blood pressure.

T - regular exercising. And in fact, healthy is cheap, isn't it? It hurts!        

Keep your health every day by drinking the hexagonal water and minimize the use of chemical medicine that doesn't need your body so kidney work will also be lighter

Simple Tips but proven Powerful in keeping the Heart always Healthy

Simple Tips but proven Powerful in keeping the Heart always Healthy

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Hopefully useful to you all best friends .

1. Reduce consumption of salt

A dangerous risk consuming excessive salt is increasing pressure in blood or normal called high blood (Hypertension). At the advanced, this condition could trigger the coronary heart disease. Start a simple habit by reducing the use of salt in the food menu everyday. . .

2. Away from cigarettes

Smoking is a bad habit that could trigger a variety of dangerous diseases, including cardiac arrest. If you want a healthy heart, then leave a smoking habit including getting away from the smokers. . .

3. Regular Sports

Sport is a basic and important need to maintain body health. Sports don't have to be heavy, you can do lightweight activity like walking or running casual for about half an hour. The fact to mention that by moving heart organs will be healthier than just sitting quietly in place.

4. Take some time to relax.

Buddy by the time to go on holiday to a pleasant place, then the mood will also be more fresh and quiet. It will also impact very well for health, especially the heart and lower the stress levels. . .

5. Smiles and laughs

Why did this happen? ' cause if you're dizzy with the problems that are facing, then it can also affect the health of the body especially the heart. Try to spend time to amuse yourself or with your close friends like watching Television, following opera or traditional events. Because this is gonna make you laugh off. .

So 5 Tips for heart is always healthy. Hope this opportunity is useful

Mom Political Struggle

Mom Political Struggle

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the virtual world echoed in the terms of the militia. These terms appear to be insinuating that some of the students are some beser soggy in the world's present situation A Low-policy is not inspiring the student s' executive activists to move. On the contrary, they were more fun stop to follow realty show-Realty show on television far from the academic world. It's not like it was so hard to be in the forefront of defending the people, these young disindir-insinuating have lost idealistic. How many cotemporary issues without role and youth to mengkritisinya, except a handful of activists. They've lost sensitivitasnya on the matter of people.       

Evidence, when the mother of the mother was screaming because the power bill was shot, these boys were quiet. When the mother of the loudest defends the rohingya people, I don't know where the scholar is. When the corrupt is released from the punishment of punishment, it does not sound their reaction When the debt of the country is a burden on their shoulders, it doesn't seem a burden to lift       

Not only that, the question that is so close to their teenage world, does not pay attention. When the world of education was shaken by violent cases to murder, what was a young man in anticipation? When the world of education is dikapitalisasi, where are the voices?        

This is what concerns me. Why is the sound of a student like silence to depravity? Indeed, not all students like that. However, this condition does not miss the education of the education world that disables student s' critical power. They're afraid to pee in politics. College is only talking about academic studies. Made busy with study orientation. Students are banned from political issues. A little vowel, directly. As a result, not a few who refuse to fight. Only the Muslim youth is moved by the power of Islamic ideology who will not fear the truth. They're not tired of day and night fighting for the people. In a row with militants. Wet pants       

Now, in muslimah, the ghiroh fight for Islam looks at loud. In any of the Islamic Acts of Islam, berhijab people these berhijab can not be seen next to the eye. The Ladies, ladies and gentlemen. Until there is a person who twist sukarno's saying " give me 10 young men, I will rock the world " to " give me 10 mother, I will rock the world."        I don't know what to do. Follow in the line of men, to speak the truth. Although the scholars of dikriminalkan because of their dawah, do not create their mother's guts. Though, it would be a long way to do it if your parents were dealing with cops. But, mother wasn't afraid as long as it was said to be true.        

They become militia for facing matters in the life of a life that has been unsolved for a broken secular ideology. Drug emergency. Child violence. Sexual harassment. A Free Gaul. Pregnancy is pregnant. Emergency. A debt of debt. All the dimensions of the nation, beririsan with your mother's business. That's why mom is critical to politics. Because, the politics of their desire. They fight not to make money. Not looking for a face. More like appetite. They're not women less than work. It's not just any more educational women. In fact, they were well-educated. Continuous continuous with Islamic Sharia. Until the kokohlah of the turn. They struggled to think of the future of mankind, both the future of worldly and ukhrowi. Not fighting for individual or family. It is not an impulse, but the command of syara. Solely for the encouragement of faith. Seek to be pious. Return to the Islamic rules of the creator.     

Correct Ruler           

There's nothing to be cynical and nyinyir for what this militant mother's line is doing. I don't care if you don't care about the kids, but they're gonna take care of the kids. " wear a veil for a demo, Islam the fuck?" another snide remark. " pity yes," there are no results," others follow nyinyir. Well, they don't know, that Islam's history much scraping the names of women as the pioneer of changes. The Sahabiyah in the era of the apostles and sesudahkan in the era era of caliphate, are also leading in revealing ideas, criticized policy and giving feedback to the authorities They pissed themselves.        

In fact, the messenger of God is ever "Didemo" the muslimah. That time in Medina, the mother complained about her husband's violent behavior. From Abdullah bin Abdullah ibn abi dzubab ra. Say, " do not smite the servants of God!"       

To defend the husband, Umar ibn khathab ra. (Muhammad saw) came to the messenger (Muhammad saw) and said: " the women of the women have dared to fight against their wives. , however, it's protests.       

They surround the Prophet's house and denounce their husbands. Prophet. Said, " many of the women are circling the family of Muhammad. Complain about their husbands. Husbands like that are not the best people among you." (hr. Abu David no. 2146)        

Then in the time of Caliph Umar ibn Khattab, the woman also dared to express his political opinions. One day sayyidina umar rose to the pulpit and then said, " O people, do not give you a lot of dowry to the wife. Because of the messenger of God and his friends for 400 dirhams or below. If the dowry had come to you from God, and do not exceed them. I've never seen a man who gives the dowry over 400 dirhams."       

(Muslimah) will lodge protests when umar descends from the podium with a sign of an unjust message. Protests are welcomed good umar. It is istighfar and taking it.         

Thanks to your parents, the Caliph's policies are very properempuan. And restricts the husband of his wife for more than six months. So by the abu hafs of Zayd Ibn Aslam, when umar bin khaththab vigil the night at Medina, there is a woman on the bed: " the night is so long and it Long enough for me without being able to play. By Allah, if it were not for fear of God, it would have been bumpy. But the existence of God and shame is enough for me to defend myself. And I respect my husband so that I may not be."        

Umar asks, what happened to that woman. It was said to him, " he is the one whose husband is going to die, and then Umar (the prophet) is the one who has sent to him a mission And if he had been patient, he said, " how long have you been patient Part, it says, five or six months.       

Then Set the limits for the Muslims to go to the battlefield for six months, which is a month for his journey, four months of it, and one month left to return home.      

There are many more exemplary role in the era of Islam that does not deny their role in politics. He is the patron of the prophet. Admit, accompanying, accompanying, lahwazan, thaqif, thaqif, thaqif. He's known for analysts. Often provide advocacy in the various strategies of Islamic struggle.         Fatimah, the messenger of the messenger, in some battles involved as a doctor. Asthma Help Rasul saw hijrah, sumayyah syuhada first, etc. Not to mention the muslimah in the era of Islamic civilization. Their names are beautiful. Being an inspiration to the mother-mother militant now,         

Do not forget to learn the militant of the last Muslim warriors from all over the world. In Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, etc. They are militant lifers who are very physical and mental. Being a role model to prepare children of future generations far more militants than his mother. (*) 

Women lustfully

Women lustfully

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Porn video. Women are definitely in the spotlight. Yes, bear the status of a reputable college, is a honor. Should be properly harnessed to be useful. Applications that are hard-earned. But it doesn't apply to the alumni of berinisial ha. He made a cyber sensation with video video.

In Criminology, but ironically involved in a crime. All know, doing a pervert with not a legal partner, scattered on social media, is an act of breaking the norms and religious norms.

Why is it so easy for the women to engage in porn? How much is their pride? This is not the first case. Video episode always repeats. So do the women of women. Can't your own women stop him? . Women getting wild . How many women are tangled up with a non-legal partner, showing their weakest defenses of their faith. They are weak and obedient to their mate. In fact, they're not being raped. But volunteered to give up his pride. This is the phenomenon of sexual the that has been a success. The West teaches that women have reproductive rights, where he can and freely select the preferred couples. Even without the bond of marriage. This is what causes the cultural shift. Women nowadays are not ashamed to be the connoisseurs. A shy woman has turned into a wild woman. .

If a female video offender gives his price to a man he likes for free, there are more women selling balls with a wad. Included in the location of the brothel, the place of the world of the world-borrowing the term . Though, without a female role as a sexual object, obscene videos will not be created. Who would be interested in the naked video if the actor was just a man? Except Gay-ass videos, stay wanted by men.

So, without any female role willing to be exploited, God willing, the technology will be clean from the pollution. Prostitution will also die without any female role. Because of that, women have a great responsibility in stopping this depravity.

It's not just accusing women of moral depravity. For However, a man also has a lot to do. In which there are two kinds of men and women. It's just, we want women to have a contribution to stop it. Can? .

Control .

Women who are tangled in their lusts, whether to be an adulterer or a whore, can only be saved if these Islamic rules apply. Because, Islam has a set of rules that work to memenej. Controlling humans not to interact wildly.

Reality shows, the emergence of sexual instincts because there is a stimulant. This stimulant is inextricably linked with the interaction between men and women. Because the emergence of male and female has preceded in the fact of interaction between them. The emergence of fornication, adultery or prostitution, because men and women are free to interact.

Islam has a set of rules how to control the stimulant of this sexual instinct. It is forbidden to reveal it to you in public. Including, film your own nakedness and spread it. Forbidden Men and women to talk intimate relationships in public domains, let alone show or sell sex to the audience. Orders for men and women to be subjected to al-Bashar) (Qs an-Nur [24]: 30-31). .

Banned for men and women both without a mahramnya (Khalwat). Video and perzinaan videos happen because khalwat is not considered a sin by society today. So keharaman for men and women mix are without ' ' Banned Tabaruj alias reveal beauty in public, including using the fragrance of the fragrance of the of men. Banned fuck or messing in public, even the husband's husband. It is forbidden to be associated with some kind. . Emergence of sexual instincts, ruled Islam through marriage. But need to be underlined, the purpose of the marriage in Islam is not just a biological need or a While for the single and not yet able to marry, Islam has ordered to fast to control his lust. By Fasting, a Muslim is capable of preventing themselves from sexual urges he has not yet been able to fulfill. Transient is under control. . That's the way a muslim memenej transient. His sexual instincts are under the control of a religion which has been framed. The Word of the Prophet (Muhammad saw) will not believe from you, until that which I have come to. . .

Productive civilization .

Depictions of self-righteous society, once filled the world's civilization for 13 centuries when the caliphate islamiyah islamiyah. The Muslims and muslimah will take care of engagement and self-esteem. Never heard rumors of sexual behavior and malfeasance.

It is not solely because in that era there is no technology, there is no globalization, but because of all the activities in control with aqidah Islam. People are productive and useful with the works, not chase. . Like during Islamic glories in Andalusia, Cordoba, Granada and Seville, at the time the caliph banni the abbasid in 756 ad. The West (Europe) was astonished with the advancement of culture, philosophy, science and technology, born in the regions of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).

The great figures with the phenomenal work that is fixed up to now, such as imam hambali, Hanafi, Maliki, Al-Bukhari and Imam Ghazali is a product of a sterile civilization from pornography and pornoaksi. Countless scholars and scholars of the life of life in life.

Not like right now, when the capitalist ideology is a capitalist woman. Men-free men. Free the fulfillment of an act without strict rules, but wild. Then, it is not impossible to be a capitalist. And to face the global conspiracy of sexual the, it must be faced with the power of a global network. Magnify for God's sake. (*)

Perempuan Terjerat Syahwat

Perempuan Terjerat Syahwat

Oleh Kholda Naajiyah

Heboh video mesum. Perempuan sudah pasti jadi sorotan. Ya, menyandang status alumni perguruan tinggi ternama, adalah sebuah kehomatan. Semestinya dimanfaatkan dengan baik untuk menjadi pribadi yang bermanfaat. Mengaplikasikan ilmu yang didapatkan dengan susah payah. Namun hal itu tidak berlaku bagi alumni UI berinisial HA ini. Ia malah bikin heboh dunia maya dengan video mesumnya.
Padahal konon kuliah jurusan kriminologi, tetapi ironisnya malah terlibat tindak kriminal. Semua tahu, berbuat mesum dengan bukan pasangan sah, tersebar di media sosial, adalah tindakan melanggar norma-norma hukum sekaligus norma agama.
Mengapa begitu mudahnya para perempuan terlibat video mesum? Sudah sebegitu murahnyakah harga diri mereka? Ini bukan kasus pertama. Episode video mesum selalu berulang. Demikian pula maraknya prostitusi yang melibatkan kaum perempuan. Tak bisakah kaum perempuan sendiri menghentikannya?
Banyaknya perempuan yang terjerat video mesum dengan pasangan bukan sah, menunjukkan lemahnya benteng pertahanan iman mereka. Mereka begitu lemah dan tunduk pada kekuasaan pasangannya. Padahal, mereka tidak sedang diperkosa. Melainkan sukarela menyerahkan harga dirinya. Ini adalah fenomena liberalisasi seksual yang telah sukses menjajah pola pikir perempuan.

Barat mengajarkan bahwa perempuan memiliki hak reproduksi, dimana ia boleh dan bebas memilih pasangan yang disuka. Meski tanpa ikatan pernikahan sekalipun. Inilah yang menyebabkan terjadinya pergeseran budaya. Perempuan masa kini sungguh tak malu lagi menjadi penikmat syahwat. Perempuan yang pemalu telah berganti menjadi perempuan liar.
Jika perempuan pelaku video mesum menyerahkan harga dirinya pada laki-laki yang ia suka secara gratis, ada lagi para perempuan yang menjual kemaluan dengan segepok rupiah. Termasuk di lokasi-lokasi pelacuran, tempat surga dunia –meminjam istilah Ahok.
Padahal, tanpa ada peran perempuan sebagai objek seksual, video mesum tidak akan tercipta.  Siapa yang tertarik video telanjang jika pemerannya hanya seorang laki-laki saja? Kecuali video mesum kaum homoseksual, tetap dicari oleh para pemuja syahwat.
Jadi, tanpa ada peran perempuan yang bersedia dieksploitasi, insya Allah teknologi akan bersih dari polusi syahwat. Prostitusi juga akan mati jika tanpa ada peran perempuan. Karena itu, perempuan memiliki tanggung jawab besar dalam menghentikan kebejatan syahwat ini.
Ini bukan menuduh perempuan semata-mata sebagai sumber kebejatan moral. Karena bagaimanapun, lelaki juga banyak andil dalam melanggengkan kemaksiatan. Karena, kemaksiatan syahwat memang selalu melibatkan dua jenis manusia: laki-laki dan perempuan. Hanya saja, kita ingin agar perempuan memiliki kontribusi untuk menghentikannya. Bisakah?
Perempuan-perempuan yang terjerat nikmat syahwat, baik menjadi pacar pezina atau pelacur, hanya bisa diselamatkan jika aturan Islam ini diterapkan. Sebab, Islam memiliki seperangkat aturan yang berfungsi untuk memenej syahwat. Mengendalikan manusia agar tidak berinteraksi secara liar.
Realitas menunjukkan, munculnya naluri seksual karena ada stimulan alias rangsangan. Stimulan ini terkait erat dengan interaksi antara pria dan wanita. Sebab munculnya ketertarikan antara laki-laki dan perempuan didahului oleh fakta adanya interaksi di antara keduanya. Munculnya video mesum, perzinaan atau prostitusi, disebabkan laki-laki dan perempuan bebas berinteraksi.
Islam memiliki seperangkat aturan bagaimana mengendalikan stimulan pembangkit naluri seksual ini. Diharamkan bagi laki-laki dan perempuan untuk menampakkan auratnya di depan umum. Termasuk, menyuting auratnya sendiri dan menyebarkannya. Diharamkan laki-laki dan perempuan memperbincangkan hubungan intim di ranah publik, apalagi mempertontonkan atau menjual-belikan aktivitas seks kepada khalayak. Diperintahkan bagi laki-laki dan perempuan menundukkan pandangan (ghadh al-bashar) (QS an-Nur [24]: 30-31).
Diharamkan bagi  laki-laki dan perempuan berdua-duaan tanpa disertai mahramnya (khalwat). Video mesum dan perzinaan terjadi karena khalwat bukan dianggap dosa oleh masyarakat hari ini. Demikian pula keharaman bagi laki-laki dan perempuan bercampur baur tanpa hajat syar’i (ikhtilat). Diharamkan tabaruj alias menampakkan kecantikan di depan umum, termasuk menggunakan wangi-wangian yang baunya merangsang hasrat kaum lelaki. Diharamkan bercumbu atau bermesraan di depan umum, sekalipun suami istri. Diharamkan pula berhubungan dengan sejenis dan lain-lain.
Munculnya naluri seksual, diatur Islam melalui pernikahan. Namun perlu digarisbawahi, tujuan pernikahan dalam Islam bukan sekadar pemenuhan kebutuhan biologis atau syahwat. Sementara bagi yang lajang dan belum sanggup untuk menikah, Islam memerintahkan untuk berpuasa guna mengendalikan nafsunya. Dengan berpuasa, seorang muslim mampu mencegah diri dari dorongan-dorongan seksual yang belum mampu ia penuhi. Syahwatnya terkendali, rasa malu menyelimuti diri.
Itulah cara seorang muslim memenej syahwatnya. Naluri seksualnya berada di bawah kendali naluri beragama yang telah dibingkai oleh akidah Islam. Sabda Nabi saw: ''Tidak beriman seorang dari pada kamu sehingga hawa nafsunya tunduk (sesuai) dengan apa yang telah aku datang dengannya (sesuai dengan sunnahku)'' (HR Nawawi dalam Hadist Arba'in).

Gambaran masyarakat bebas maksiat syahwat, pernah mengisi peradaban dunia selama 13 abad ketika Khilafah Islamiyah tegak. Para muslim dan muslimah saling menjaga interaksi dan harga diri. Tidak pernah terdengar kabar-kabar miring soal perilaku seksual dan penyimpangan-penyimpangannya.
Hal itu bukan semata-mata karena di era itu belum ada teknologi, belum ada globalisasi, tetapi karena segala aktivitas terkendali dengan aqidah Islam. Masyarakatnya produktif dan bermanfaat dengan karya-karya, bukan mengejar syahwat.
Seperti pada masa kejayaan Islam di Andalusia, Cordoba, Granada dan Sevilla, pada masa Khalifah Banni Abbasiyah pada 756 Masehi. Bangsa Barat (Eropa) tercengang dengan kemajuan kebudayaan, filsafat, ssains dan teknologi, yang lahir di wilayah semenanjung Iberia (Spanyol) tersebut.
Tokoh-tokoh besar dengan karya fenomenal yang tetap lestari hingga kini, seperti Imam Hambali, Hanafi, Maliki, Al-Bukhari dan Imam Ghazali adalah produk peradaban yang steril dari pornografi dan pornoaksi. Tak terhitung pula cendekiawan-cendekiawan muslimah dengan ilmu mumpuni yang diaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan.
Tidak seperti saat ini, ketika ideologi sekuler kapitalis mengajarkan perempuan bebas syahwat. Laki-laki bebas syahwat. Membebaskan pemenuhan kebutuhan syahwat tanpa aturan tegas, tapi liar. Maka, menciptakan masyarakat bebas maksiat syahwat bukan mustahil jika aturan sekuler kapitalis dicampakkan dan aturan Islam ditegakkan secara menyeluruh. Dan untuk menghadapi konspirasi global liberalisasi seksual, maka harus dihadapi dengan kekuatan jaringan global pula. Wallahu’alam.(*)

Indonesian Agriculture vs Japan farm

Indonesian Agriculture vs Japan farm

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Alhamdulillah, on July 4th, 2017 to July 12, 2017 ago, I went to Japan, with the main purpose of visiting a farm in kagoshima. Kagoshima is the most southern area of the Japanese country. This area is very fertile because of the volcano volcano that was in kagoshima's bay "diligent" dropped volcanic ash to kagoshima. The average temperature is 18 degrees c, the highest temperature of 33 degrees and the lowest 15 degrees Celsius.

The lives of farmers in kagoshima are in peace. Average per 5 acres of farmland managed by 5-6 farmers. According to the conversation, at least farmers in kagoshima can get the average income per month of RP. 30-40 million. These peasants are usually joined in Association (sort of cooperative), who manage the agricultural results from upstream to downstream.

In Agriculture in kagoshima (and Japan in general) many are berpolakan healthy and natural Agriculture (Organic). Organic products get a very important place for the Japanese. In the hotel where I'm staying, other than available water tap water, provided soap, Shampoo, and conditioner with an organic label.

From my visit a few days to kagoshima, in technology, farming in kagoshima, is not much different from in Indonesia. When I did an interview with some farmers and also agricultural association in kagoshima, I didn't find these incredible things from their agricultural technology. This indicates, in technology, Indonesia is not a great loser compared to Japan in organic farming. Even in a few things, Indonesian Agriculture more advanced. In Kagoshima, I found a lot of agriculture by using the green house,_ which of course in Indonesia didn't lose. In fact, in garut, my partner kang tantan, had applied _ Green house _ intelligent controlled computers. So, we don't need to be low on agricultural technology compared to Japan.

Then does that make the Japanese farm so forward? The main key seems to be located in a well-constructed system. Don't want to, there are government roles and agricultural institutions that are so powerful and integrated. The Japanese are very concerned about the farm. For certain areas, the irrigation channel was made by creating a dam, or using a pump. Farmers just paid retribution for the use of the facility at a reasonably cheap cost.

Infrastructure is also strongly supported, both roads and transportation. I compared the rice fields that are in leles garut, it is usually difficulty in carrying crops, because there is no road access. In Kagoshima, at the intervals of the fields / Farms, there are roads that even enough for 1 cars pass, but it is very helpful for the farmers carrying the farm, and of course as access to the tractor and other farm machine tools.

Agricultural Harvest in kagoshima, not specified by market price, but is determined based on the cost of production costs. So there won't be a story of tomato price so cheap to be thrown into the gutter by farmers. The Distribution Chain is not friendly like in Indonesia that sometimes it doesn't make sense, today is a high price, next week falls low. Prices are not the mafia and the middleman as they happen in Indonesia. 

Also, Agriculture in kagoshima, not only selling raw harvest results, but also there are also olahannya products. And one thing is very interesting to me, all the raw products and the packaging is packed in a very pretty, interesting, interesting design. . Some Agricultural Association (including Kagoshima Organic Farmer's Association) that I visit, choose _ own marketing _ outlet. They have a network of organic shops circulating in various areas. Kagoshima Organic Farmer's own association initially only for 4 Farm groups, now it has grown up to the 140's farm group. In the place I visited, they got _ cold storage, sorting, packing, etc. _ cold storagenya _ guarded at temperatures around 15 degrees c. 

* then, can i deduce, the greatness of agriculture in Japan is not located on its farm, but lies in the spirit of farming the farmers, and the support of all Japanese people, both its people, governments, and other institutions The Farmer's profession in Japan is greatly appreciated, so the government escending hands, with an insurance policy that can guarantee a harvest failure, the health of the farmer's health, and the . The Japanese are very proud to consume their agricultural results, though in some quite expensive things. Examples of Japan's famous and tasty rice is appreciated about JPY 2.000 (Rp230. 000) Per 2 KG. But they can still sell the price of rice so much to the other countries. It is different with most of Indonesian people who are more proud to consume foreign agricultural products. Especially if the overseas product is cheaper than a local product. While in Japan is not, as much as any other nation's product, they would be more proud to consume local agricultural products, even if it cost . So briefly my experience of visiting a farm in kagoshima. May Indonesia, the country that his ancestors had the power of farming, can rise into the agricultural country again. Our farm in agriculture is not defeated and in some superior matters. The Indonesian climate allows us to be able to farm all year. Even if the government hasn't shown support for Agriculture, this is what we need to do with the synergizing way, processors, distribution and marketing.

Of course, that can lift indonesian agriculture, are our own people of Indonesia. Starting from now has consciousness to buy our local farm products, because of every kg of vegetables we buy, there is money that enters the farmer for the cost of his children's school, health costs, and their lives. But if we are more proud to buy an agricultural agricultural product, it could be, the money that goes into them is to add their fancy houses, add fancy cars, and effort hogging. . Think about it.

Indonesian Food Problem

Indonesian Food Problem

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Indonesia is currently including a country in a crisis of food crisis. One of the indikatornya is a great dependency of Indonesia to import a number of major food commodities. Not only the rice, the dependency of your major national food needs to import is large enough, like soy 70 percent, salt 50 per cent, beef 23 percent, and corn 11 per cent.       

Food problems in Indonesia certainly cannot be released from government policies that are not pro-people especially farmers. Although the potential indonesian agriculture was reviewed from the vast and fertility land including the best in the world. But in fact, this time Indonesia has fallen as a importer of food products. Some government policies need to be criticized, due to the potential to deliver society in economic meltdown, is as follows:       

First, the role of the government is in the process of intensification agriculture, so that the agricultural activity is getting lethargic and eventually bringing down production Intensification is an attempt to increase the productivity of the land, especially related to the provision of high quality and efficient pemupukan. Government roles at least can be seen from the budget provided for the seed of seed and the fertilisers in state of state.       

The price increase of seed and fertilizer as the result of the less subsisdi government provided. The declining of these subsidies will lead to the price of fertilizer, so the profit margins that enjoy the farmers will be increasingly worn.        

Second, not only the process of intensification, in the process of ekstensifikasi, is the expansion of the agricultural area, the government role is Even some government policies are causing the agricultural area. Each year of the agricultural land experienced 100,000 hectares (people's mind).      

Instead of what happens is a change of agricultural land to be added to a residential (Real Estate), road construction, industrial area and more. Ironically, instead of the land functions that occurred in productive land areas, while on the other side the process was not accompanied by the opening of a new agricultural land, so the productive agricultural land has been shrinking from year to         

Third, government policy in trafficking food products are not pro-people but pro-markets. Proof, when food production (Rice, soy, corn, etc) is decreasing the government simply prefer the import policy from the efforts of improving production in the country through intensification and ekstensifikasi as mentioned above. In order to support the imports of food products, especially the rice, the government through the finance ministry issued the regulation of the Finance Minister ( 241 years about import rice. Through this fire government frees the imported rice. These regulations are strangling indonesian farmers that are 60 million people. This import policy is actually the IMF's plan as a way to the food in developing countries. The the is not to advance the country, but it is the path of economic colonization by the capitalist countries of the world. For example, in 1995 IMF FORCED Haiti to bypass the import rate of rice from 35 percent to 3 percent. As a result of the imports of Haitian rice from the us increased more than 150 percent between 1995 and 2003. at this time, three quarters of the amount of Haitian rice demand is an imported rice from riceland foods While in Haiti, the areas used to be the agricultural center of padi, at this time it became a region with the highest level of nutrition and poverty.       

Islam overcoming food problems Food Crisis (Rice, onion, corn, salt, etc) also improve the economic problem wrapped in Indonesia at this time. Another problem is the high cost of education and health, the price of the main ingredient is more soaring, government debt that continues to swell, the height of economic crime such as corruption, collusion, bribery, and This condition occurs because indonesia implemented the economic system of capitalism. The basic principle of the economic system of capitalism is that the country should not intervene in the economy, so the economy is handed to the only market mechanism is price, supply and The State Acts like a corporation only in charge of ensuring the economy follows our supply of supply and demand. Sometimes the country serves as a producer and sometimes works as the same consumers seeking profit in every transaction with its people.         

It is different in with the Islamic economic system. According to Dr. Abdurrahman Al-Maliki in his book 'Siyasah Al-Iqtishadiyyah Al-Mutsla' (political economy) States that the Islamic economic politics is a number of laws (policy) intended to ensure the meeting of the primary needs of each individual and meeting complementary needs (secondary and tertiary) , according to his abilities. For that, all of Islamic economic policies must be directed to ensure the meeting of primary needs and provide the possibility of meeting the complementary needs of any individual living in the caliphate islamiyah, according to Islamic Sharia According to al-Maliki, in the political economy of Islam, Agriculture is one of the main sources of the economy next to the industry, trafficking, and human energy or services. The Agricultural politics run by the khilafah intended to create the purpose of the Islamic economy of Islam according to Sharia. In General, the agricultural politics will run by the khilafah is as follows:        

First, the policy in sector Hulu is the policy to increase the production of agriculture through intensification and ekstensifikasi. Intensification is taken by the road use of a better agricultural production, such as a superior seed, fertilizer, and drugs required in order to increase the productivity of the farm. Caliphate will apply gift policies for agricultural production purposes.          Ekstensifikasi is done to improve the luasan of agricultural farms. For that country will implement policies that can support the agricultural spread. Among them is that the state will guarantee the ownership of agricultural land obtained by the road to turn on dead land (ihyaul mawat) In addition, the country will also give you the land of the land which belongs to anyone who has been able to process them.         

Countries will implement policies that can prevent agricultural agricultural functions into non-Agricultural Farms. Only fertile areas are allowed to be a housing and industrial area. In addition, the country will also not allow the sleeping land, which is a productive land which is not planted by its owner. If the land is left for three years then the land will be taken by the country to be given to those who have been able to Messenger of God. Said: " who has a piece of land, should he planted, or should be given to his brother. When he ignored it, then the land was taken. Imam Bukhari)       

Secondly, the policy in the agricultural industry, where the country will only encourage the development of the real sector, while the non-real non-real sectors are banned like usury and capital markets will not be allowed Through these policies then those who have capital can only invest in the real sector that one is an agricultural industry sector. Therefore the real sector is possible to grow and develop healthy. Different from the economic economics of economy that economy is more dominant on non-real sectors such as banks and capital markets.       

Third, the policy in the trading sector of Agriculture, is to ensure trading agricultural products run according to Sharia to meet the food demand of each community. Among these countries will prohibit the import during the production in the country, even though the import is financially profitable. Because the import will result in the position of country state will be weak in economics. Besides that country will not join the various world trade organizations that become an economic imperialist tool such as wto, APEC, and afta.[]

Film Naura & Geng Juara: Islamophobia Yang Mengancam Anak-Anak

Film Naura & Geng Juara: Islamophobia Yang Mengancam Anak-Anak

Oleh: Bunga Erlita Rosalia
Pemerhati Parenting, Pendidikan, Kesehatan, dan Anak Anak

Beberapa hari terakhir, tersebar di dunia maya review  film Naura & Genk Juara yang dinilai mengandung unsur islamophobia. Film berdurasi 103 menit ini menceritakan tentang petualangan Naura, Okky, dan Bimo yang terpilih menjadi kompetisi sains di acara Kemah Kreatif di kawasan Situ Gunung Sukabumi. Pada alur film yang ditayangkan, naura & geng juara bertemu dengan kipli seorang ranger yang berusaha menggagalkan sindikat perdagangan hewan liar yang ber nama Trio Licik

Pemeran Trio Licik pada film tersebut di munculkan sebagai sosok yang berjenggot panjang dan kerap mengucapkan kalimat istigfar, takbir, dan tahmid. Hal ini jelas mengundang reaksi umat islam. Film ini pun di cap sebagai anti umat islam karena mengandung unsur islamophobia.


Dilansir dari Tribunnews (23/11), produser naura & geng juara mengklarifikasi bahwa sosok yang berjenggot di munculkan sebagai penjahat adalah sebagai hasil dari riset dengan metode Focus Group Discussion dengan sejumlah anak. Laki – laki berjenggot adalah gambaran tentang penjahat di mata anak anak.

Amalia Prabowo pun mengatakan jika kalimat takbir, tahmid dan istigfar berasal dari improvisasi sang artis, bukan arahan dari naskah produsen

“Pada saat kami syuting kan natural ada improvisasi, Ada beberapa kata-kata yang spontan tidak dalam naskah,” Kata Amalia, dalam jumpa pers di kawasan Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan, Rabu (22/11)
Orang Berjenggot yang di asosiasikan sebagai Penjahat

Tentu nya hal ini sangat disayangkan, karena ketika framing penjahat itu adalah sosok memiliki jenggot, umat islam akan sangat di sudutkan. Agama mana lagi yang mensunnahkan memelihara dan merapihkan jenggot selain islam? Dalam islam seseorang di anggap berbuat jahat pun tidak berdasarkan dari penampilan fisik, tapi berdasarkan tingkah laku nya yang terikat dengan syariat

Maka jika ada orang yang  berbuat keji seperti mencuri, membunuh maka akan tetap disebut penjahat sekalipun tidak memiliki jenggot. Karena tolak ukur perbuatan seorang muslim adalah syariat islam. Bukan penampilan fisiknya. Apalagi hanya framing dan stereotipe yang diberikan oleh anak anak

Kalimat kalimat refleks sebagai improvisasi pun harusnya dikaji dan dipertimbangkan lebih jauh oleh produsen film. Karena efeknya akan menjadi sangat fatal jika framing tersebut masuk kedalam subconcious anak anak. Atau memang itu yang diharapkan?


Anak anak yang tergolong tamyiz rentan menjadi korban kampanye islamophobia. Karena di fase ini anak akan lebih gampang menerima arahan dan dikte dari lingkungannya. Fase tamyiz pun akan menjadi titik tolak sebagai fase pemilihan benar dan salah yang nantinya mempengaruhi pola fikir anak dalam menentukan keputusan bertindak dan berprilaku.
Anak yang sudah terpapar islamophobia akan menjadikan maklumat yang di indera mereka sebagai salah satu proses berfikir dikemudian hari. Mereka akan terbawa framing bahwa muslim yang sering mengucapkan kata Alhamdulillah, Astagfirullah, dan Allahu Akbar adalah muslim yang suka berbuat jahat, keji dan harus di perangi. Sama seperti pemeran Trio Licik di Film Naura & Geng Juara. Anak pun bisa meng indera bahwasannya dia tak perlu mengucapkan kalimat takbir, tahmid maupun istigfar karena yang biasa mengucapkan hal tersebut adalah orang jahat. Sehingga jika dirinya tak mau disebut orang jahat maka tidak perlu mengucapkan kalimat tersebut.

Hal ini jelas sangat mengkhawatirkan bagi orang tua muslim yang menginginkan anaknya menjadi shalih dan shalihah penerus estafet peradaban. Karena salah satu tarbiyyah untuk mendekatkan anak dengan islam dan Allah SWT adalah dengan mengenalkan mereka kepada kalimat kalimat yang memuji Allah, dan mengagumi kebesaranNya. Fatal akibatnya jika kalimat Alhamdulillah (Segala Puji Bagi Allah) di asosiasikan dengan sosok penjahat yang sering menyakiti dan membunuh hewan.
Sosok yang berjenggot sebagai stereotipe orang jahat pun akan membawa dampak negatif bagi anak, karena sebagian besar anak yang muslim akan memiliki lingkungan yang muslim juga. Dan kebanyakan laki-laki muslim memelihara jenggotnya. Fakta ini akan membuat anak merasa bahwa dirinya berada di lingkungan penjahat, tidak tau aturan, dan harus di lawan. Karena si anak sudah memiliki maklumat bahwa penjahat adalah laki laki yang berjenggot. Itu baru di lingkungan sekitar. Bagaimana jika di lingkungan keluarga ada yang memiliki jenggot?

Lalu bagaimana jadi nya ketika setelah menonton film tersebut sang anak melihat ayah nya yang berjenggot dan sering mengucapkan kalimat tabir dan tahmid ? Jelas ini adalah upaya islamophobia yang menyasar anak anak


Peran orangtua dalam memilih film atau hiburan bagi anak jelas sangat dibutuhkan. Sebagai penanggung jawab anak yang belum baligh, orangtua wajib memilihkan tayangan yang bermanfaat bagi anak. Tentunya dengan standar syariat islam. Tayangan yang tidak memiliki konten yang islami dan mendidik sudah seharusnya di abaikan dan tidak di sajikan di depan anak - anak. Sekalipun banyak yang mereview bahwa film tersebut memiliki konten edukasi yang baik. Lagi lagi, standar edukasi islam yang mana jika hanya karena refleks improvisasi berteriak Allahu Akbar! di asosiasikan dengan penjahat?

Orangtua muslim di era millenial kini harus extra hati hati, karena agenda penanaman framing buruk terhadap umat islam sudah mulai menyasar anak anak. Dengan dalih edukasi, hiburan, kegembiraan, dll bisa membuat anak kita masuk kedalam pusaran islamophobia. Kesan nya memang tak berbahaya, karena dengan alasan untuk konsumsi anak anak tidak berarti semua tontonan itu bisa kita sajikan.

“Setiap manusia dilahirkan ibunya di atas fitrah. Kedua orang tuanya yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani, atau Majusi.” H.R Muslim.

Lika-Liku Jalan Menuju Hijrah

Lika-Liku Jalan Menuju Hijrah

Oleh : Ana Nazahah

Bersyukur banget ya teman-teman hijrah, kita dilahirkan dalam keluarga muslim. Kita ga harus bertukar aqidah dulu untuk taat, seperti sebagian saudara mualaf kita lalui,  berat looh..

Kebayang ga pas minta izin " Mah, Pah  saya mau masuk Islam!, pasti syok sekelurga, bisa²  kena usir dan dihapus dari daftar warisan.

Bersyukurlah  teman-teman dari pertama hadir ke dunia  kita sudah dikenalkan Islam, jadi tak perlu beban mental, tinggal syariat Allah kita terapkan. Ya ga?.

Maunya sih begitu, tapi ternyata beda lagi di lapangan, jalan hijrah yang kita lalui tidak semulus yang dibayangkan, keluarga dan lingkungan yang tak sepaham justru jadi hambatan.

Tak jarang keluarga terdekat kaget dan protes , melihat saudaranya tiba² 'kealiman', jelbaban atau jenggotan. Ada yang mencemoohi dan bahkan menakut-nakuti juga melabeli dengan stigma² negatif. Adeuwh., mau taat aja repot ya.

Pernah juga nieh, temen deket ana yang baru berhijrah nangis bombay ga tahan dihina dan diejek di kampus, karena waktu itu ana bingung mau bilang apa, ya udah ikut nangis bareng aja. Bukan solusi ha ha.

Dan besoknya ana harus ikhlas melihat dia melepas kembali jilbabnya karena tak sanggup menghadapi beratnya ejekan dari sesama.

Lika-liku jalan hijrah tak semudah dibayangkan, namun kita juga harus paham bahwa memilih menentang perintah Allah swt  bukanlah pilihan.

Ingatlah apa yang akan Allah berikan kepada orang-orang yang memilih melanggar perintahnya. Kehidupan yang sempit di dunia dan di akhirat akan mendapat siksa.

percayalah Allah tidak memberi ujian di luar batas kemampuan kita, Firman Allah swt

Allah tidak membebani seseorang diluar kemampuannya (Al-Baqarah: 286).

Jika kita mau sedikit bersabar, In Sha Allah tak ada aral yang mampu mematahkan semangat hijrah kita.

Jadi ukhtuna sholihaat yang sedang berada di jalan hijrah, bertahanlah, bersabarlah, sedikit lagi, sekejab saja, sungguh penderitaan di dunia ini tak akan lama, dibandingkan siksa neraka yang menyala-nyala.

Perasaan sakit dihina itu hanya bertahan sebentar saja, namun kenikmatan berada dalam jalan taat itu akan abadi selama-lamanya.

Keep Calm, salam hijrah...[]

Mencintai Rasulullah saw

Mencintai Rasulullah saw

Oleh : Ana Nazahah

Apakah kau benar-benar mencintai Rasulullah saw?, ya..kau jawab dengan mantab, tak ada ragu tersirat di wajahmu. Namun ragu itu justru tersurat di tulisanku, di sini

Ku bertanya-tanya pada pikirku, tentang apa itu cinta pada Sang utusan mulia yang padanya Allah swt amanahkan titahNya, untuk disampaikan pada seluruh umat manusia

Apakah ianya hanya sekedar pengakuan saja, atau menuntut pembuktian nyata, karena cinta itu tentang rasa yang memenuhi aliran darah manusia

Mari kita belajar cara Baginda Muhammad saw mencintai, ayo buka sirah dan kisah perjalanannya membawa risalah Rabb

Tahukah kau seperti apa duka laranya, menangis, berdarah dan terluka, itulah hari² yang Beliau lalui dalam jalan cinta

Demi apa?, hanya demi Risalah yang dibawa itu bisa sampai pada kita, padaku, padamu juga

Bahkan sampai akhir beliau menutup mata, cinta itu tidak berkurang namun terus menyala-nyala, umati, umati ucapnya pada sisa-sisa nafasnya

Balasan apa kiranya yang kau persembahkan akan cinta yang begitu luar biasa?

Sementara kau abaikan pesannya, kau abaikan risalah yang dibawanya, kau tinggalkan ia pada lembaran kenangan yang enggan kau baca

Lalu masih bisakah kau katakan tanpa ragu tersirat di wajahmu, bahwa kau mencintainya?

Sementara tak pernah kau indahkah pengorbanannya membawa risalah dari Tuhan Semesta

Semoga tersurat raguku ini  bisa menambah manfaat bagi kita semua, agar bisa mempersembahkan cinta terbaik bagi manusia terbaik Baginda Rasulullah Muhammad saw.[]

Editor : Hardi Jofandu

Pacaran Islami' Bolehkah?

Pacaran Islami' Bolehkah?

Oleh : Ana Nazahah

Pacaran Islami itu, sebelum dimulai ucapin bismillah, ketemuannya di mesjid kampung sebelah sambil belajar tajwid, aktvitasnya diakhiri alhamdulillah, Gubraaak he he.

Hey..pacaran Islami itu, sanaaa..ketemu walinya, lamar dengan mahar dan komitmen mengayomi pada suka duka hidup bersama dalam ijab-qabul disaksikan 2 orang saksi pernikahan namanya.

Menikah itu untuk ibadah, jelas dalam rangka melangsungkan keturunan, ada pertanggung jawabannya pada wali dan kepada Allah tentunya. Beda kayak pacaran, uda ga sepaham, atau ada idaman lain bubar barisan.

Kalo nikah belum siap, udaah jangan sok soan mau maksiat pake acara labelin kemaksiatan dengan label Islami segala, sampai kapanpun pacaran (mendekati zina) hukumnya tetap haram.

Trus isi hari dengan kegiatan positif lainnya dan sering-sering  berpuasa itu lebih baik bagimu, itu bukan kata saya ya, tapi Baginda Muhammad saw  pernah mensabdakannya ;

“Wahai sekalian para pemuda, barang siapa di antara kalian telah mampu untuk menikah maka hendaknya ia menikah, karena menikah dapat lebih menundukkan pandangan, dan lebih menjaga kehormatan. Barang siapa yang belum mampu menikah maka hendaklah ia berpuasa, karena puasa adalah penjaga baginya.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim).

Nah, sekarang kamunya mau pilih yang mana? terus dalam kemaksiatan atau segera berbenah dengan taubat?.

Tulisan ini hanya sekedar pengingat, diterima Alhamdulillah, ditolak juga ga masalah. Maunya sih bisa diterima sehingga kita senantiasa berada dalam rahmat sehingga Allah jauhkan dari laknat.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sensitisasi and Desensitization

Sensitisasi and Desensitization

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The sound of a train, often shocked and makes it uncomfortable for some people, especially for babies and little children. But it turns out they're at the edge of the railway. They can still sleep even if the train passes. And even so many cars passed, they didn't realize the train was through.        

The same also happens to those who live near the dump, the factory, the volcano that produces the smell of sulfur, etc. Too long they became immune to the smell.      

The senses are not comfortable with a sensory stimulus, then long time to get used and do not even realize the presence of the stimulus, it is called the process of " Desensitization / desensitization ". or if it has been simplified, the process becomes "       

Otherwise, the process when ourselves is more aware of the presence of a stimulus. I've experienced it after my mother passed away. Saw bread at the bakery, used to be normal. But after my mother died, the view of the bread triggered my memory against my experience with mom, and made a sad feeling coming back. The smell of clothes and wardrobe can evoke memory and sadness, because there's a new camphor smell that my mom used to wear. I need months to be able to do desensitization against bread and mothballs.       

If the example is now related to visual stimuli and olfactory (smell), then the same thing could happen to sensory stimuli in taste, sound, even touch.        

Is this sensitisasi and desensitization process that's good or bad? There's nothing good or bad of both. Both is a logical and natural process that can happen at any time, anywhere and to anyone. But that this process may result in good or bad yes, depending on the context of the experience.        Realizing that these two processes can result in good and bad, then the psychology experts use it for a process of psychotherapy and even education.      

Utilization Processes and desensitization in psychotherapy and education, among others, to eliminate the phobia, reduce anxiety, fear, trauma, creating empathy, sensitivity, courage, including treatment of sensory integration for abk. However, there are things to pay attention to. One of them is, that our bodies have a certain threshold to the sensory stimulus that it receives. Like a doctor who injects drugs to patients before the surgery. Right, the patient doesn't feel anything when his skin gets sliced up with an operating knife, but it doesn't mean his skin can't hurt He still gets hurt doesn't feel his pain. Physical thresholds can be seen from how deeply wounded. Psychic thresholds are more difficult to measure. Because the psychic wounds often appear to be in a long run.

- children who experienced violence in childhood, he could have looked strong and strong, but there were really fragile mentally in it.

- the wife or husband who hurt her mate during the marriage, maybe she seemed calm and patient, but it actually kept a deep wound.

- an employee who works early in the morning in high-risk places (too hot, cold, radiation, cartilage, stresful, etc). Looks pretty ordinary. But his physical illness has come to a long term.

- our kids who study at school from morning to afternoon, then follow les and do homework at night. Recently seen physical disorders, emotions and behaviors in later days.       

And there are many other examples...      

Well, we're as parents, educators, employees and even ourselves, very likely have done the process of sensitisasi and desensitization in our everyday life. Now that we know, then maybe we can use it in education and for self-management with more systematic and with a clear purpose. At once we can also be more honest to ourselves, whether in educate we've given ' pressure ' is fit and phased for our children / students. Or have we ever pretended to be strong against the pressure we received or otherwise we were too spoiled and easily complained to the pressure that we were actually able to deal with? If we develop minimal sensitivity to ourselves, then we will be more sensitive to body signals, emotions and our behavior. 

Sensitisasi dan Desensitisasi

Sensitisasi dan Desensitisasi

Oleh : Yeti Widiati

Suara kereta api, seringkali mengagetkan dan membuat tidak nyaman bagi beberapa orang, terutama bagi bayi dan anak-anak kecil. Tapi ternyata mereka yang rumahnya di pinggir jalan kereta api tidak seperti itu. Mereka tetap bisa nyenyak tidur sekalipun kereta lewat. Dan bahkan saking seringnya kereta lewat, mereka tidak menyadari kereta itu lewat.

Hal yang sama juga terjadi pada mereka yang tinggal di dekat tempat pembuangan sampah, pabrik, gunung berapi yang mengeluarkan bau belerang, dll. Lama kelamaan mereka menjadi kebal dengan bau-bauan tersebut.

Indra yang awalnya tidak nyaman terhadap suatu stimulus sensori, lalu lama kelamaan menjadi terbiasa dan bahkan tidak menyadari kehadiran stimulus tersebut, itu lah yang disebut proses "desensitisasi/desensitization". Atau kalau disederhanakan dapat disebut juga proses menjadi "kebal".

Sebaliknya adalah, proses ketika diri kita lebih menyadari kehadiran suatu stimulus. Saya pernah mengalaminya setelah ibu saya meninggal dunia. Melihat roti di toko roti, dulu rasanya biasa-biasa saja. Tapi setelah ibu saya meninggal, tampilan roti itu memicu memori saya terhadap pengalaman saya bersama ibu, dan membuat rasa sedih pun muncul kembali. Mencium bau pakaian dan lemari pakaian pun bisa membangkitkan memori dan rasa sedih, karena ada bau kapur barus yang biasa dipakai ibu saya. Saya perlu waktu berbulan-bulan untuk bisa melakukan desensitisasi terhadap roti dan bau kapur barus.

Bila contoh barusan itu berkait dengan stimulus visual dan olfactory (bau), maka hal yang sama bisa juga terjadi pada stimulus sensori berupa rasa, suara, bahkan sentuhan.

Apakah proses sensitisasi dan desensitisasi ini proses yang baik atau buruk?

Tak ada yang baik atau buruk dari keduanya. Keduanya adalah proses logis dan alamiah yang bisa terjadi kapan pun, di mana saja dan pada siapa pun. Tapi bahwa proses ini bisa berakibat baik atau buruk memang ya, tergantung konteks dari pengalaman tersebut.

Menyadari bahwa kedua proses ini bisa berakibat baik dan buruk, maka para ahli psikologi memanfaatkannya untuk proses psikoterapi dan bahkan juga pendidikan.

Pemanfaatan proses sensitisasi dan desensitisasi dalam psikoterapi dan pendidikan, antara lain, untuk menghilangkan phobia, mengurangi kecemasan, rasa takut, trauma, menimbulkan empati, kepekaan, keberanian, termasuk treatment sensory integration bagi ABK.

Bagaimana pun tetap ada hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan. Salah satunya adalah, bahwa tubuh kita memiliki ambang batas tertentu terhadap stimulus-stimulus sensori yang diterimanya. Ibaratnya seperti dokter yang menyuntikkan obat bius kepada pasien sebelum melakukan operasi. Betul, memang pasien tidak merasa apapun ketika kulitnya diiris dengan pisau operasi, akan tetapi bukan berarti kulitnya menjadi tidak bisa luka. Dia tetap terluka sekalipun tidak merasakan sakitnya.

Ambang batas fisik bisa terlihat dari seberapa parahnya luka. Ambang batas psikis lebih tidak mudah mengukurnya. Karena luka psikis seringkali baru terlihat akibatnya dalam jangka panjang.

- Anak-anak yang mengalami kekerasan di masa kecil, bisa saja ia tampak kuat dan tegar tapi sebetulnya ada mental yang rapuh di dalamnya.
- Istri atau suami yang disakiti pasangannya sepanjang pernikahan, mungkin dia tampak tenang dan sabar, padahal sebetulnya menyimpan luka yang dalam.
- Karyawan yang bekerja pagi hingga sore di tempat-tempat beresiko tinggi (terlalu panas, dingin, radiasi, rawan celaka, stresful, dll). Terlihat biasa-biasa saja. Tapi fisiknya menurun dalam jangka panjang dan mengundang ragam penyakit.
- Anak-anak kita yang belajar di sekolah dari pagi hingga sore, lalu mengikuti les dan mengerjakan PR pada malam hari. Baru terlihat gangguan fisik, emosi dan perilakunya di kemudian hari.

Dan masih banyak contoh lainnya ...

Nah, kita sebagai orangtua, pendidik, karyawan dan bahkan diri sendiri, sangat mungkin sudah melakukan proses sensitisasi dan desensitisasi ini secara alamiah dalam keseharian kita. Sekarang setelah kita tahu, maka mungkin kita bisa memanfaatkannya dalam pendidikan dan untuk pengelolaan diri dengan lebih sistematis dan dengan tujuan yang jelas.

Sekaligus kita juga bisa lebih jujur pada diri sendiri, apakah dalam mendidik kita sudah memberikan 'tekanan' yang sesuai dan bertahap untuk anak-anak/siswa kita. Atau apakah selama ini kita berpura-pura kuat terhadap tekanan-tekanan yang kita terima atau sebaliknya kita terlalu manja dan mudah mengeluh terhadap tekanan yang sebetulnya kita sanggup hadapi?

Bila kita mengembangkan kepekaan minimal terhadap diri sendiri, maka kita akan lebih peka terhadap sinyal tubuh, emosi dan juga perilaku kita.[]

Taking care of Muslimah

Taking care of Muslimah

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Being a good girl nowadays isn't easy. The temptation of faith, the good matter, nor the pleasure of fantasy. If you are unable to do so, he will go astray. Not to mention the the, which has not berhijab out of temptation. Indeed, if the messenger of God is the most merciful. Astaghfirullahal ' Aziim. Well, here are some tips for the muslimah in self-esteem not to fall in infamy: .

1. Review Islam kafah .

This is the most important and necessary condition. Only Islam the perfect religion has a complete rule to survive from various attack attack. Mabda of Islam that flows in the mind of thought, then forming a pattern of attitude, will be a fortress kokok self-esteem With a full understanding of Islam, the Islamic personality will be formed so it becomes personal kaffah that is not easy to waver. .

2. Intensive communication with family .

Make family the only place to find comfort. How bad the house is, that's the most beautiful private place. Once felt homesick, opened the door to seek comfort elsewhere. Then to create comfort, komunikasilah always with the parents. Especially with mothers, for keperempuanan affairs. Rest assured, mother with all her life experiences, is the perfect place to share the story. .

3. Friends with father figure .

So puberty, girls are beginning to need a male figure that he thinks will be able to be a fretful place. Don't look for other men not mahrom. As long as it wasn't married, you were the safest refuge. He is the most selfless figure to pay attention and for the living, before the child finds her husband.

4. Choose their friends

Watch out for friends. Although fellow types, it's not all true. Don't feel good to be friends with friends who are starting to show vanity. Included, don't be friendly with men, either in the real world or in the virtual world. Choose the righteous friends who carry in obedience. .

5. Live in a safe neighborhood .

If you stay away from your parents because they're in college, kkn or work on roaming, make sure to live in a safe environment. Make sure the lodger are also good people. Environment Environment. .

6. Engage in positive activities 

Actively doing positive activities, can be the plus value in order for muslimah to bring benefits to each other. By spending time for positive activities, there won't be a chance for kicks, like a selfie spending time, filming an inferior video, etc. ' cause time is running out to carry out a good thing that is worth the reward. .

7. Married to keep ifah

If the age is enough, physical and mental are ready, marriage is a way of keeping the glory. Accept the righteous men, not the others. A good descendant and has high responsibility. He is the one who will be the protector after no living. (*)